Haryana Government Approves Funds for Education and Rural Development


Several key decisions were taken at a High Power Purchase Committee meeting presided over by Haryana’s Chief Minister, Sh. Nayab Singh. The committee approved nearly Rs 1,000 crore for purchasing pipes to enhance water supply in rural areas. Additionally, Rs 30 crore was approved for new equipment in biology and chemistry labs in 729 cluster schools.

During the same meeting, Rs 10 crore was allotted for General Science Lab equipment.
Furthermore, Rs 24 crore was granted to purchase 3,836 computers for colleges. The Chief Minister stressed the government’s commitment to delivering high-quality education, especially in science and mathematics.

The state government is also implementing various projects in rural areas, including yoga and exercise gymnasiums, libraries, and wellness centres. A plan to establish 468 indoor gyms in Panchayats has been prepared, with over Rs 50 crore approved for gym equipment. During the meeting, the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying gained authority to purchase animal medicines. Additionally, HVPN and UHBVN were granted approval to buy 11 transformers of 132/33 KV and 20 transformers of 66/11 KV, along with other equipment, costing nearly Rs 290 crore.

The committee also approved the acquisition of other commodities totaling Rs 1,500 crores.
Following negotiations with bidders, a savings of roughly Rs 72 crore was realized.
The meeting saw the presence of several cabinet ministers, including Sh. Kanwar Pal, Sh. Mul Chand Sharma, Sh. Ranjit Singh, Sh. J.P. Dalal, Dr. Banwari Lal, and others.

The police agency gained authority to purchase eight water cannons, nine Vajra vehicles, fourteen trucks, and three bulletproof vehicles for almost Rs 11 crore.
Additionally, the acquisition of 695 computers and 1,100 e-challan machines was approved at a total cost of Rs 14 crore.

Chief Secretary Mr. T.V.S.N. Prasad; Additional Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister Dr. Amit Agrawal; Director General of Supply and Disposal Mr. Mohammad Shain; Director General of Police Mr. Shatrujit Kapoor; Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister Mr. V. Umashankar; Additional Chief Secretary of the Finance Department Mr. Anurag Rastogi; and other senior officers were also present at the meeting.

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