Who created Gmail and why?

Credit:-  crazyengineers

Gmail's creator is Paul Buchheit, a computer engineer who joined Google as its 23rd employee in 1999.  He had already explored web-based email concepts during his college years.

Before Gmail, email storage was scarce, typically capped at a few megabytes. Buchheit envisioned a free email service with significantly more storage space, allowing users to save and manage their emails more effectively.

A key aspect of Buchheit's vision was integrating powerful search functionality into email.  He saw emails as searchable documents, not just static messages, making it easier to find specific information.

Buchheit didn't build Gmail from scratch.  He leveraged his experience with Google Groups, another Google product, to create the initial Gmail prototype, demonstrating its feasibility.

Buchheit's vision for Gmail wasn't limited to just email.  He saw the potential for integrating chat functionality, blurring the lines between email and real-time communication, which Gmail implemented later.

 At the core of Buchheit's design philosophy was a focus on user experience.  He prioritized features like ample storage, powerful search, and a clean interface to make email management easier and more intuitive.

Buchheit is credited with proposing the ad-supported model that Gmail utilizes. This approach allowed Google to offer a free service with generous storage space while generating revenue through targeted advertising.

Interestingly, Buchheit left Google in 2006, shortly after Gmail's launch.  He went on to pursue other entrepreneurial ventures.

Despite his relatively brief time working on Gmail, Buchheit's vision and execution left a lasting legacy.  Gmail revolutionized email and continues to be a dominant force in webmail.

It's important to acknowledge that while Buchheit is credited as the creator of Gmail, the development process undoubtedly involved other talented engineers and designers at Google who contributed to its success.