Top 5 People With Highest IQ

Terence Tao (IQ estimate: 225-230): An Australian-American mathematician, Tao is a Fields Medalist (considered the "Nobel Prize of mathematics") and holds numerous other prestigious awards. His research spans various areas of mathematics, including harmonic analysis, partial differential equations, and number theory. 

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Marilyn vos Savant (IQ score: 228): Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest IQ from 1986 to 1990, vos Savant is a columnist and author known for her wit and ability to solve complex problems. She frequently lectures on topics related to intelligence, creativity, and critical thinking. 

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Christopher Hirata (IQ score: 225): An American astrophysicist, Hirata made headlines at the young age of 13 for winning the gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad. He has since made significant contributions to cosmology research, particularly focusing on the cosmic microwave background radiation. 

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Kim Ung-Yong (IQ score: 210): Hailing from South Korea, Kim Ung-Yong is often cited as a child prodigy with exceptional intellectual abilities. By the age of 4, he could already speak four languages and solve complex math problems. 

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William James Sidis (IQ estimate: 250-300): An American mathematician and linguist, Sidis is considered one of the most intellectually gifted individuals ever documented. By the age of 11, he had graduated from Harvard University and published original research papers.

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