Tamil Nadu to Release Draft State Education Policy After Model Code of Conduct Removal

Panel Composition: The panel responsible for formulating Tamil Nadu's State Education Policy comprises experts from diverse professions and educators, ensuring a comprehensive approach to educational reform.

Draft Availability: Sources within the Tamil Nadu Education Department revealed that the State Education Policy draft was accessible as early as November 2023, signaling progress in the policy development process.

Model Code of Conduct: The release of the State Education Policy draft was initially delayed due to the implementation of the Model Code of Conduct, following the announcement of Lok Sabha election results in June 2024.

Leadership Appointment: Justice D. Murugesan, a retired High Court judge, was appointed to lead the panel in May 2022, emphasizing the importance of legal expertise in shaping educational policy.

Ministerial Resignation and Reinstatement: K Ponmudi, the state minister for higher education, faced a temporary setback due to his conviction in a case, resulting in his resignation. However, a favorable court judgment led to his reinstatement in office.

Finalization Timeline: According to sources, the final School Education Policy document will be unveiled more than three months after the public release of the draft, indicating a thorough review process.

Public Anticipation: Dr. Mohammed Rashid, a retired professor from Madras University, highlighted the urgency of releasing the State Education Policy, stressing the anticipation among academic institutions for much-needed reforms.

Alignment with National Policy: The decision to formulate a state-specific education policy was influenced by the announcement of the National Education Policy, emphasizing the need for alignment with broader educational objectives.

Stakeholder Engagement: The inclusion of experts and stakeholders from various fields ensures a collaborative and inclusive approach to policy formulation, taking into account diverse perspectives and needs.

Educational Reform Impact: The unveiling of Tamil Nadu's State Education Policy holds the promise of significant reform and improvement in the state's educational system, with potential far-reaching effects on students, educators, and institutions alike.