PG Programs Transformed with Flexible Multidisciplinary Options in New UGC Framework

UGC's New Framework: UGC introduces a new Curriculum and Credit Framework for Postgraduate Programmes in line with NEP 2020.

Transdisciplinary Education: Emphasizes transdisciplinary and comprehensive learning approaches.

Flexibility for Students: Offers flexible entry and departure options, empowering students to choose courses and switch disciplines.

Support for Mobility: Allows students to switch disciplines based on NHEQF and NcrF standards.

Credit for Job Experience: Credits job experience and allows concurrent degree pursuit.

Freedom for UG Students: UG students with majors/minors can choose related PG fields or switch disciplines.

Diverse Learning Modes: Supports online, offline, and hybrid learning modes.

Credit Transfer: Ensures smooth credit transfer through the Academic Bank of Credits.

Variety in Program Designs: HEIs can offer 1-year, 2-year, and integrated 5-year courses catering to diverse needs.

Recognition and Pathways: Offers Postgraduate Diploma for one-year PG program and various pathways for two-year PG program.