New Interdisciplinary Research Programme in Biosciences Declared by Dept of Biotechnology

Ministry's Announcement: The Ministry of Science and Technology’s Department of Biotechnology unveils an ambitious multidisciplinary bioscience research program aimed at fostering excellence and innovation in biotechnology research and education in India.

Collaborative Effort: The program is a joint initiative by leading institutions including RCB, ICGEB, and BRIC (iBRIC), highlighting the importance of collaboration in advancing scientific research and education.

Web Portal Launch: The official website of the BRIC-RCB PhD program in biosciences is launched, providing prospective applicants with essential information about the program, including application procedures and deadlines.

Inclusive Eligibility Criteria: Students with diverse educational backgrounds, ranging from master’s degrees in biological sciences and medicine to BTech or BE degrees in non-biological sciences, are eligible to apply, promoting inclusivity and diversity.

Immersive Learning Experience: The program incorporates a three-month immersion program funded by an additional grant to expose students to real-world challenges, fostering collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship among young scientists.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Students enrolled in the program will receive a blend of classroom and online instruction, workshops, and hands-on training on advanced technology platforms, ensuring a holistic learning experience in biotechnology and life sciences.

Entrepreneurial Focus: With a goal to encourage entrepreneurship, the program aims to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset among students, empowering them to explore commercial applications of their research and innovations.

Career Development Opportunities: Upon completing the coursework and immersion program, scholars will have the opportunity to conduct doctoral research at esteemed research institutions such as RCB or ICGEB, providing them with valuable career development opportunities.

Supervised Research: Scholars will work under the guidance of experienced mentors and supervisors at RCB or ICGEB, contributing to cutting-edge research projects in their individual fields of interest.

Future Prospects: By equipping students with essential skills, knowledge, and experiences, the program aims to nurture the next generation of leaders and innovators in the field of bioscience research, paving the way for a brighter future in scientific discovery and advancement.