Comparing CNG Bikes to EV and ICE Models: What's the Value Proposition?

CNG Bikes: Lower running costs than ICE, wider refueling network than EVs, but higher emissions than EVs.

Electric Vehicles (EVs): Zero tailpipe emissions, eco-friendly, lower maintenance costs, but limited range and refueling infrastructure.

Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Bikes: Familiar technology, readily available refueling stations, lower upfront cost, but high running costs due to fuel prices and higher emissions.

CNG Cheapest to Run: CNG bikes boast the lowest running cost among the three.

EVs: Eco-Champion: EVs win for environmental friendliness with zero emissions produced while riding.

ICE: The Familiar Friend: ICE bikes are the most familiar option with established infrastructure and lower upfront cost.

CNG & ICE: Refueling Advantage: CNG and ICE share a wider refueling network compared to EVs.

EVs: Range & Infrastructure Challenge: Limited range and developing charging infrastructure are current hurdles for EVs.