Best Story Books By Munshi Premchand For Kids

Munshi Premchand, one of the most celebrated writers in Indian literature, wrote many stories that are not only enriching for adults but also suitable for children. His stories often revolve around themes of social issues, morality, and human relationships, offering valuable lessons for young readers

Panch Parmeshwar: – This story revolves around the lives of two friends, Halku and Lakha, who come from different socio-economic backgrounds. It teaches children about the importance of friendship, honesty, and empathy.

Idgah: – A heartwarming tale of a young boy named Hamid who lives with his grandmother and learns the value of sacrifice and generosity. It's a touching story that highlights the spirit of giving and compassion.

Eidgah: – Similar to "Idgah," this story follows the adventures of a young orphan named Hamid during the festival of Eid. It showcases the joy of simple pleasures and the importance of kindness and gratitude.

Thakur Ka Kuan: – This story tells the tale of a drought-stricken village and the selfless efforts of a young boy named Budhia to bring water to his community. It emphasizes the virtues of perseverance, determination, and community service.

Do Bailon Ki Katha  – Translated as "The Story of Two Oxen," this narrative explores the bond between two oxen, Heera and Moti, and their owner, Halku. It's a touching story that teaches children about loyalty, friendship, and the value of hard work.