5 sanskrit village of india 

Located in the Shimoga district, Mattur is famous for its residents' dedication to using Sanskrit in their daily lives. The village has gained international attention for preserving this ancient language through formal and informal education. 

Mattur (Karnataka):

Situated near Mattur, Hosahalli is another village where Sanskrit is widely spoken. Both villages share a cultural and linguistic heritage, making them unique examples of Sanskrit's living tradition in India. 

Hosahalli (Karnataka):

Jhiri, a small village in the Rajgarh district, is known for its efforts to revive and promote Sanskrit. The villagers communicate in Sanskrit and have integrated the language into their daily activities and education system. 

Jhiri (Madhya Pradesh):

Sasana, located in the coastal state of Odisha, is a village where Sanskrit is spoken fluently. The village has a tradition of using Sanskrit in religious and cultural practices, and efforts are being made to keep the language alive through educational initiatives. 

Sasana (Odisha)

In the Visakhapatnam district, Bavikonda is recognized for its use of Sanskrit. The village has a rich history and cultural association with the language, and locals strive to maintain Sanskrit as a living language in their community. 

Bavikonda (Andhra Pradesh):