Water Tourism, Adventure Sports, and Education Service Selection Commission policies  Approved by U.P. Cabinet

Education Service
Education Service

The Uttar Pradesh Education Service Selection Commission Bill 2023 was adopted by the Uttar Pradesh Cabinet on Tuesday. In addition to appointments in other government educational institutions, the Selection Commission would function as an integrated State Education Service Selection Commission for hiring teachers in government-aided educational institutions.

The separate Uttar Pradesh Higher Education Service Commission and Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Service Selection Board, which had previously been established separately for the purpose of choosing teachers for the State, will be replaced by the Uttar Pradesh Education Service Selection Commission.

It will be a business entity with Prayagraj as its primary location. The State government will nominate 12 members to this committee, along with a chairman. Yogendra Upadhyay, the U.P. minister for higher education, stated that they would serve in that capacity for three years or until they turned 65, whichever came first.

The Cabinet also approved the Water Tourism and Adventure Sports Policy 2023, which will be in effect for 10 years and apply to all inland land-based, air-based, and water routes, dams, reservoirs, lakes, rivers, and ponds, as well as all adventure activities to be conducted on various waterbodies and land parcels under the State’s jurisdiction. Water-based tourism, adventure sports, and water sports have a lot of potential in the hills of Vindhya and Bundelkhand regions, which cover an area of about 16,620 sq km in the foothills of the Himalayas. These regions also have many picturesque landscapes, forest areas, flowing rivers, breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls, dams, reservoirs, and lakes. In light of this, we implemented its policy in the state with the Council of Ministers’ permission.

According to U.P. Tourism Minister Jaiveer Singh, “This policy will be valid for ten years from the date notified by the State Government.”

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