Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Management Studies and Research: Moulding Aspiring Professionals for Corporate Success

Vivekanand Education Society’s
Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Management Studies

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, business education in India stands at the crossroads of tradition and innovation. The nation’s institutions are adapting to these changes by offering a diverse range of programs, interactive teaching methods, and practical learning experiences. The emphasis on holistic development, global perspectives, and industry integration reflects India’s commitment to producing graduates who are not just academically accomplished but also well-equipped to thrive in the ever-changing world of business.

Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Management Studies and Research is a pioneering institute in the business education field. The institute has been catering to aspiring professionals from all walks of life and guiding them to their desired careers.

In 1962, Vivekanand Education Society (VES) was founded by the visionary Late Shri. Hashu Advaniji. It pioneered accessible education in Mumbai, growing from 256 students to 25,000 across 23 institutions. VESIM was established in 1994 with 60 MMS seats, and now it is offering 180 MMS intake. It molds aspiring professionals for corporate success, emphasizing positive impacts on companies, people, and society.

Creating Socially Responsible Business Leaders

VESIM’s excellence is driven by its humanistic management approach, top-notch faculty, interactive teaching, and robust alumni network. The institute focuses on creating socially responsible business leaders in a conducive learning environment.

VESIM’s vision is to be amongst the most preferred institutes for higher management education in India with a global outlook.

Its mission is:

  • To develop socially responsible managers and entrepreneurs well-grounded in theory and real-world application who can lead in their respective fields.
  • To develop an institution that emphasizes research and innovation with cutting-edge technology with an approach of high impact international dimension.
  • To develop faculty capable of synthesizing, creating knowledge, and communicating with industry, peers, alumni, and students.

The core values of VESIM are.

  • To impart quality education and contribute towards character building.
  • Delivery of contemporary courses that nurture holistic development with professional integrity and social consciousness.
  • Inculcating consciousness of social need, fair, transparent, and ethical standards in all practices towards personal and professional conduct.
  • Encouraging innovative approaches to promote inclusive growth.

Effective use of E-learning

VESIM offers a two-year full-time MMS program approved by AICTE, Govt. of India, and is recognized by the University of Mumbai. The program is spread across four semesters and holds NBA accreditation for academic years 2016-2017 to 2018-2022.

E-learning has indeed enhanced education facilities and it has also offered several benefits such as: Flexibility, Access to Resources, Global Reach, Interactive learning, and cost and time efficiency. However, it’s important to note that, while e-learning offers numerous advantages, it may not completely replace the benefits of face-to-face interactions and hands-on experiences that traditional education provides. The most effective approach often involves a blend of both traditional and e-learning methods, known as blended learning, to create a comprehensive and engaging educational experience.

Sparking Innovation

The institute offers a wide variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities for a holistic education. Notably, VESIM has an Entrepreneurship Program to spark innovation, a Foundation Course for strong educational basics, and Employability Skills workshops for real-world success. A Business Simulation Game and Python course cater to tech and business interests.

In co-curricular, there’s a Leadership Series for nurturing leaders, an Outbound Program for team building, and a Pitch Festival to showcase innovation. Its Literature Fest celebrates art and literature. To ensure engagement, VESIM involves students in planning, linking activities to real-world contexts, and creating an inclusive environment that encourages participation. Recognitions, awards, and certificates are presented to acknowledge students’ efforts and accomplishments, fostering a sense of achievement and motivation.

Enriching Educational Journeys

This commitment to engagement and a student-centred approach enriches every student’s educational journey.

Placement is crucial for professional success, and VESIM prioritizes it. The dedicated placement team focuses on optimal opportunities, corporate ties, and employability skills. They organize diverse activities for universal student exposure and employ CGPT – a collaboration of placement managers, students, faculty, and alumni to guide students toward industry readiness through events and coordination.

Its awards reflects the quality of education it provides. Recognized by students and the intellectual community, this recognition highlights why VESIM is a sought-after B-school in Mumbai.

VESIM’s two-year Master of Management Studies (MMS) is AICTE-approved and accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) for the academic years 2016-2017 to 2018-2022, w.e.f 10th March 2017 in both the MMS and PGDM sections. The MMS is affiliated with the University of Mumbai.

VESIM is accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council.

VESIM has been accepted as a member of the AACSB International Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. AACSB International is a global association of leaders in education and business dedicated to supporting and advancing quality business education worldwide. AACSB Membership creates a concrete framework to continually measure program and school quality.

NBA and NAAC accreditation symbolizes that the institution follows all relevant mechanisms to ensure outcome-based learning as the approach for quality education and maintains a positive and vibrant teaching and learning environment.

VESIM was awarded an ‘A’ grade by the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Govt. of Maharashtra.

Enhance Stakeholder Value through Meaningful Partnerships

VESIM’s core objective is to provide a distinct learning experience, conduct impactful research, and enhance stakeholder value through meaningful partnerships.

Accredited by NBA and NAAC, VESIM ranks among the top 125 in India. its MMS program is affiliated with the University of Mumbai, recognized by AICTE, and includes global academic ties. VESIM emphasizes research, encourage Ph.D. pursuits, and offer an innovation centre for start-up ideas.

Over the next five years, VESIM aims to consolidate its position in Business Analytics, offer specialized programs, and promote lifelong learning, robust research, industry engagement, and alumni relationships. It plans to enhance HR functions, wellness, governance, and infrastructure.

The strategic imperative of big data analytics drives its curriculum. VESIM prepares professionals who leverage data for decisions and innovation. Its focus aligns with industry needs, fostering adaptable graduates equipped with “thinking tools.

Director’s Role in Executing Comprehensive Culture

With over a decade of experience as a Professor within the Indian university system and a quarter-century of involvement in the Indian aviation industry, Director -Dr. Satish Modh possesses an extensive and impressive career.

Commencing his professional journey with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting under the Government of India, Dr. Modh entered through the Indian Engineering Services selection process. However, he swiftly transitioned to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer at Air India. Notably, he played a pivotal role in designing, developing, and executing a comprehensive culture transformation initiative spanning Air India’s vast workforce of over 20,000 employees.

Additionally, he was a key contributor to the ‘Business Transformation Group,’ charged with devising a turnaround strategy following the merger of Air India with Indian Airlines. Throughout his distinguished tenure at Air India, he assumed roles such as General Secretary of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association and held positions of distinction within the Aeronautical Society of India’s Mumbai Branch.

In 2011, Dr. Modh made a deliberate choice to retire from Air India, subsequently joining NMIMS University, Mumbai, as a Professor. There, he imparted knowledge across subjects encompassing ‘Business Strategy’ and ‘Business Ethics.’ His responsibilities extended to serving as the Associate Dean of the MPSTME (MBA Tech Program), and he actively participated in NMIMS’ Academic Council and other governing bodies. Four years later, he transitioned to become the Professor and Director at the VES Institute of Management, affiliated with the University of Mumbai.

One of his notable accomplishments at VESIM was the complete overhaul of the PGDM program, centred around ‘Business Analytics,’ with an academic partnership forged with ‘SAS.’ Under his adept leadership, the institute secured accreditation from the NBA and NAAC. Additionally, VESIM consistently ranked among the top 100 business schools according to the NIRF rankings for a continuous span of five years. Dr. Modh also contributed to the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) as an esteemed expert, participating in the assessment of various management institutes throughout the country.

Empowering Individuals to Safeguard Themselves

In 2001, Dr. Modh’s encounter with the aftermath of the Gujarat earthquake instilled in him a profound interest in disaster management. This newfound passion led him to deliver lectures on the subject, specifically focusing on empowering individuals to safeguard themselves and assist others during disasters.

His dedication to this cause resulted in the publication of several books on disaster management, including titles such as ‘A Citizen’s Guide to Disaster Management,’ ‘Introduction to Disaster Management,’ ‘Managing Natural Disasters,’ and ‘Managing Technological and Environmental Disasters.’ Moreover, his research delved into Indian value systems and their applicability to ethical management, culminating in the pioneering work ‘Ethical Management.’ Notably, he also authored the popular book ‘Discover the Arjuna in You,’ published by Jaico Publishers.

A testament to Dr. Modh’s multifaceted expertise, he developed a personality assessment based on the Guna concept from the Bhagavad Gita. This assessment also serves as a tool for career guidance and the exploration of leadership styles rooted in the Triguna framework. His insights earned him invitations to deliver lectures and conduct personality tests at esteemed universities across the United States, including the University of Southern California, University of North Carolina, San Diego State University, University of Central Florida, Athens State University, University of Washington (Seattle Campus), UT Dallas, UT Austin, Ohio State University, Michigan State University, among others.

Dr. Modh’s exceptional contributions have been widely recognized. He received the ‘Outstanding Reviewer Award’ at the Academy of Management Conference in Boston in 2019 (MSR Interest Group). His educational impact garnered him the Dewing Mehta Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education in 2014. Furthermore, he earned the distinction of being named amongst the 100 most influential Directors in India, during 2016 World Education Congress held in Mumbai.