UP Education Ministry Mandates Teacher Photo Display to Curb Proxy Attendance


All teaching staff members’ photos will now be displayed on school walls in Uttar Pradesh in an effort to reduce teacher absenteeism and proxy use. The goal of this program is to make it easier for kids and administrators to distinguish between real teachers and substitutes.
To discourage proxy attendance, Uttar Pradesh schools will post pictures of their teachers on notice boards.
Directives have been sent to all district basic education officers. Teachers’ pictures will be on display in their individual classrooms in schools.
The images will make it easier for parents to recognize the teachers of their children.

The state government of Uttar Pradesh has implemented a new rule to address the problems of teacher absenteeism and proxy use. Photographs of the teaching staff must now be publicly displayed on the walls of all public schools. All district basic education officers have received directives for all teachers, including instructors (also known as “Anudeshak”) and para teachers (also known as “Shiksha Mitra”), to comply by posting their images in their respective classrooms.
In addition, the exhibits must to contain a thorough bio of every instructor, including their degree, date of admission, phone number, assigned classroom, and area of specialization.

Any notable accomplishments should also be clearly displayed, such as state or national teacher honors. “Displaying photographs of teachers in schools will allow students and the administration to easily distinguish between real teachers and substitutes,” stated a spokesperson.
“Implementation shouldn’t be difficult for schools, even with 10-15 teachers, because the photos will not require significant space,” he stated.

Including photos will make it easier for parents to identify the teachers of their kids. This greater familiarity will enable parents to voice concerns in the event that a teacher misses work without leave. The Samagra Shiksha allotment set aside for the 2024–25 academic year provides the financing for this project. As part of the Learning Enhancement Programme Remedial Teaching scheme, the government has specifically set out Rs 7.9 crore for Teaching Learning Materials in basic schools and Rs 3.3 crore for upper primary schools.