University Honours Recipients of India Scholarships


The University of Sydney has celebrated the recipients of the Sydney Scholars India Scholarship program from 2020 to 2023. This scholarship program aims to support outstanding Indian international students who have ambitious ideas to bring about positive change in their country. Established in 2019, the program has awarded scholarships to 109 students, demonstrating the University’s commitment to fostering educational ties with India and supporting students from diverse backgrounds in reaching their full potential.

The scholarship ceremony, held on September 6, provided an opportunity for scholarship recipients to network in person and share their experiences of living and studying in Australia. Shane Griffin, Associate Vice President of Sydney Future Students, congratulated the students and expressed the University’s commitment to strengthening its engagement with India through education, research, and industry collaboration.

Aryan Bhatia, the first recipient of the Sydney Scholars India Scholarship in 2019, recently completed a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering. His scholarship was based on his idea to create an application connecting farmers with storage facilities to reduce crop wastage in India. Aryan emphasized how the scholarship had transformed his life and encouraged current students to be proactive in seeking career opportunities and continuous learning.

Ava Khan, a 2020 scholarship recipient, is currently in her fourth year, pursuing a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies, majoring in health and infectious diseases. Her big idea involves developing an e-health system for Indian public hospitals to improve accessibility and reduce reliance on paper records. Ava highlighted the benefits of engaging in research projects, seeking mentors, and believing in one’s abilities to make a meaningful impact.

The Sydney Scholars India Scholarship Program is recognized as one of Australia’s most generous scholarship programs for Indian international students, with a total annual value exceeding $500,000. It offers a range of scholarships, including those for undergraduate and postgraduate students, providing financial support to help talented Indian students achieve their educational and career goals in Australia.

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