The President of France Inaugurates International Classes for Students in India

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French President Emmanuel Macron has introduced International Classes for Indian students, allowing them to study French for a year in their country before embarking on their preferred degree. Applications can be submitted through, and the registration deadline is March 31, 2023. Macron, who served as the chief guest at the Republic Day 2024 during his two-day visit to India, had previously made this announcement about teaching French in public schools through a post on a platform, formerly known as Twitter.

The initiative welcomes all Indian students, regardless of their current proficiency in French, as indicated in a statement on the official website. The sole criterion for admission to the program is academic excellence, according to the statement.

The Classes Internationales program is crafted to facilitate access to France’s educational opportunities for high school graduates in India, breaking free from the constraints of exclusively English-taught programs. Whether a student is already proficient in French or a novice, they can now qualify for admission to French-taught undergraduate programs at higher education institutions in France after completing a foundational year of immersive language training at the respective institution.

The initiative aims to provide entry to globally recognized French higher education institutions in various disciplines, including universities, grandes √©coles, engineering, management, sciences, humanities, arts, and specialized schools. Additionally, exceptional students will receive scholarships from the Embassy of France in India to assist them in pursuing higher education in France. The President emphasized France’s dedication to expanding opportunities for Indian students during his visit, highlighting initiatives like Classes Internationales and a five-year short-stay Schengen visa for alumni.