The Odisha Government Earmarked Funds for Research purposes in Medical Colleges and Postgraduate Institutes

Medical Colleges

As part of this program, SCB Medical College and Hospital (MCH) in Cuttack, MKCG MCH in Berhampur, and VIMSAR in Burla are designated to receive an annual grant of Rs one crore each.

The Odisha government has pledged financial support to state-run medical colleges and post-graduate institutes to enhance research efforts. The commitment to improve the quality of medical education and research statewide is evident through the allocation of funds to all government medical and dental colleges, along with post-graduate institutes, as outlined in an official statement. As part of this initiative, SCB Medical College and Hospital (MCH) in Cuttack, MKCG MCH in Berhampur, and VIMSAR in Burla will each receive an annual grant of Rs one crore. Additionally, new government medical colleges and the SCB Dental College in Cuttack will be allocated Rs 50 lakh per annum.

In addition, each state-run post-graduate institute will be granted Rs 25 lakh annually. This combined allocation results in a total annual budget of Rs 9 crore for the specified purpose. The earmarked funds intend to enhance the quality of education by supporting research endeavors, publications, and participation in national seminars and conferences, according to the statement.

The government acknowledge the importance of research in medical colleges as it paves way for new possibilities in tackling the challenges of the new age. Through the research students and the medical fraternity can have confirmed information in research in a particular direction including identifying cure for ailments, increasing the efficacy of a treatment, discovering the exact reasons and causes of certain diseases, ways of boosting immunity and many more.