The NorthCap University: Ensuring a Comprehensive Educational Pathway for Aspiring Engineers

The NorthCap University
The NorthCap University

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML) are at the forefront of technological innovation. Rapid advancements in AI algorithms, hardware, and software tools have enabled the development of increasingly sophisticated applications. To keep up with these advancements, educational programs need to evolve to teach the latest AI and ML techniques and technologies.

Keeping this in mind, The NorthCap University educational programs have a specialized focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML).

The NorthCap University, located in Gurugram, boasts a dynamic Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) that offers an undergraduate program, B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering.

This specialized four-year program equips students with fundamental computer science skills while immersing them in cutting-edge advancements in AI and ML. In addition to the undergraduate program, the department offers M.Tech and Ph.D. programs in the domains of AI and ML, ensuring a comprehensive educational pathway for aspiring engineers.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at NorthCap University provides B.Tech CSE with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Students develop all core computer science competencies, and alongside that, the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML) specialization provides aspiring engineers an opportunity to study a specialized range of courses designed to explore cutting-edge advancements in the broad domains of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Creating Solutions with Technological Education

The 4-year full-time program presents exposure to hands-on technologies to create applications and solutions for the world.

Apart from this, the department also offers M.Tech and Ph.D. programs in the domains of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Prof. Nupur Prakash has been serving the NorthCap University Gurugram as Vice Chancellor since July 2021, after completing her term as founder Vice Chancellor of Delhi’s first women’s technical University, Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women (Govt. of Delhi).

A strong proponent of STEM education among girls, Prof. Nupur spent several years holding key leadership positions as an academic leader, researcher, and institution builder. She has served as a Scientist at CSIO Chandigarh (a CSIR lab), Dean Engg & Technology, Dean of the School of IT at GGS Indraprastha University, and Principal Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Govt. of Delhi.

Prof. Nupur Prakash possesses work experience of around 37 years in teaching, research, and administration. She graduated from IIT Roorkee (erstwhile University of Roorkee) with a degree in B.E. (Electronics & Communication Engineering) and M.E. (Computer Science & Technology) from IIT Roorkee. She was awarded with the Chancellor’s Medal for being the best student of the outgoing batch. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Artificial Intelligence from Punjab University, Chandigarh.

Prof. Rita Chhikara is currently working as the Head and Professor of the Department of CSE. A target-driven, dedicated professional with more than 22 years of experience in teaching, administration, and research. She holds a B.E Degree from Pune University, M.Tech from Punjab Technical University, and Ph.D. Degree from The NorthCap University in the area of Machine Learning and Information Security.

She is an EICT and IIT Roorkee Certified Data Science Professional. She has completed two DST-sponsored projects in the area of Steganalysis and Dementia. Her dedication and commitment have contributed to the successful implementation of Specializations in emerging areas in the Department.

Providing Hands-On Exposure

The framework of the B.Tech CSE program is designed in such a manner that all the specialization courses have a mini-project mapped with them to provide hands-on exposure. These projects bridge the gap between theory and real-world application. For the 3rd year students, the university provides a semester-long industry-mentored project program wherein student groups working on projects are guided by industry experts and have fortnightly meetings with industry experts.

Through these projects, students get the opportunity to work on real-world scenarios, tackle complex problems, and gain hands-on experience. Working closely with experienced mentors from the industry exposes the students to the latest trends, best practices, and innovative techniques. The university has MOUs with several renowned organizations like the National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), Grant Thorton, etc.

Ensuring Practical Exposure

Domain experts from these organizations regularly visit the campus to deliver lectures and interact with and guide the students. Apart from this, the students gain practical exposure through summer internships at the end of the fourth and sixth semesters. These internships help students gain new skills and deepen their knowledge by applying their classroom learnings in simulations of real-life technology projects from the industry.

Artificial Intelligence no longer lives in the realm of fiction movies. Rather, it has slowly crept its way into the lives of common people and is transforming the world. Multiple breakthrough AI technologies have been developed for image identification, speech recognition, text-to-speech, and chatbot engines and have made significant contributions to a wide range of domains.

Incorporating Innovative Ways of Learning

The faculty and students at The NorthCap University are also undertaking several different projects related to AIML. A few of them include- Robust and Accurate detection of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) using deep learning, Universal Steganalysis using Machine Learning, multimodal sentiment analysis and affect analysis using social media, AI-powered Legal Documentation Assistant using Transformers and Large Language Models, Artificial Intelligence based virtual reality therapy system, Smart Aquaculture Analyser using Reinforcement Learning, Android Malware Analysis using Machine Learning, System for automated skin care using Deep Transfer Learning and IOT, etc. Few of the projects are sponsored by Government agencies.

Furthermore, the university also organizes several guest lectures, competitions, and hackathons related to the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to ensure experiential learning. In Feb’2023, the university organized an International Idea Startup Competition in which students from the university competed and participated with international student teams that visited the campus, such as those from Ecuador, Indonesia, etc.

Enhancing the Employability

The university has a centre of Excellence for Data Science and AI facilitated with ultra-modern iMac systems appropriate for students and faculty undertaking research in emerging areas like Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Game development, etc. This centre also offers value-added programs & training for enhancing the employability of students as per the latest requirements of the industry in the domains of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. It aims to provide an ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship to thrive. The university also has a dedicated GPU-based lab for deep learning applications established as the Centre of Excellence with Honeywell. Furthermore, the High-Performance Computing Lab has also been established with one teraflop computing power.

There are specialized research groups under AIML catering to the domains of Natural Language Processing, Computer Visions, and Robotics. These groups comprise a few faculty members with expertise in that domain, PhD scholars/Masters students, and some undergraduate students having AIML as their specialization.

The university has alumni placed with Amazon, Google, eBay, Danalitics, Fidelity, Optum, etc., working in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. A few of its alumni are doing their masters in the area of AI and ML from reputed universities like Stanford, Carnegie Mellon University, IIT, NYU, etc. They are also placed in Government organizations like DRDO, NBRC, NTRO, etc., and contributing immensely to the emerging area of AI and ML.

Gaining Exposure of the Latest Developments

The university has strong ties with industry, and industry professionals often visit the campus and interact with faculty and students through which the university gains valuable insights related to the latest industry trends in AI and ML. The curriculum is also vetted from time to time by domain experts from industry and academia to ensure it is in sync with the latest industry trends. Faculty members and students also undertake specialized research in the field of AIML and regularly attend conferences and seminars to present their work as well as gain exposure to the latest developments.

Online resources, including academic papers, online courses, and video lectures, make it possible for the faculty and students to stay abreast with the latest technologies. In addition, the university often seeks valuable feedback on the relevance of the curriculum from its alumni who are now working in the industry in the domains of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

To help students launch their careers and achieve their professional goals, the university has launched the SCALE framework -SoftSkills Communication and Language Enhancement (SCALE) for all the students to provide invaluable support in their placement endeavours, foster personal growth, and help them achieve tremendous success in their professional journey.