The Crucial Role of MOS Certifications in Securing Jobs in India

MOS Certification
Shri Vidya M

In the rapidly evolving job market of India, MOS certification has emerged as a vital asset for professionals seeking to boost their career prospects. With Microsoft Office’s widespread use in the corporate world, proficiency in these tools, certified by MOS certification, stands out to employers, underlining a commitment to enhancing one’s skills and professional growth 1 2. This acknowledgement of expertise in Microsoft technologies signals to hiring managers an applicant’s readiness for the demands of the modern workplace, offering a competitive edge in India’s IT sector 1.

Moreover, the recognition of certifications alongside education, experience, and soft skills denotes a holistic approach to candidate evaluation. By focusing on how MOS certification can elevate employability, particularly in India, this article aims to guide individuals on leveraging MOS certification for global and local career advancements. The discussion will extend to the importance of certifications in signalling dedication to learning and professional development, crucial for adapting to dynamic job environments 2 3.

The Elevating Demand for Microsoft Office Skills in the Indian Job Market

In the dynamic job landscape of India, the demand for Microsoft Office skills has surged, underpinning the value of MOS certification for job seekers. This certification is not just a testament to one’s proficiency in Microsoft Office applications but also acts as a differentiator in the competitive job market, offering several advantages:

  • Global Recognition and Increased Employability: MOS certification is acknowledged worldwide as evidence of advanced Microsoft Office skills, significantly improving job prospects for freshers and professionals alike in India 1.
  • Enhanced Professional Credibility: It serves as a measurable metric of expertise, increasing a hiring manager’s confidence in an applicant’s capabilities, thereby making certified individuals more attractive for placement and commanding higher salaries. On average, MOS-certified employees earn 15% more than their uncertified counterparts 2.
  • In-Demand Skillset: According to a study, Microsoft Office Specialist certification was the most sought-after credential by employers offering a living wage in the 2018-19 period. This demand is reflective of the corporate sector’s reliance on Microsoft Office tools for daily operations, making MOS certification a critical factor for career advancement in India 3.

By aligning with the evolving needs of the industry and ensuring that individuals are equipped with the necessary digital skills, MOS certification plays a pivotal role in enhancing employability and professional growth in the Indian job market.

MOS Certification: A Gateway to Better Job Opportunities

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification serves as a significant marker of proficiency in widely used Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, making individuals more competitive in the job market 2. Employers across various sectors in India and globally recognize the value of MOS certification, often associating it with enhanced productivity and efficiency in potential hires 12. Here’s how MOS certification acts as a gateway to better job opportunities:

  • Global Recognition: As a globally acknowledged credential, MOS certification enhances employability not just in India but worldwide, validating skills in Microsoft Office applications 2.
  • Increased Job Prospects: Candidates with MOS certification are often given preference during job applications and interviews, as it demonstrates a measurable metric of expertise in Microsoft Office tools 28. This certification can particularly benefit administrative professionals or those extensively using Excel in their jobs 1214.
  • Better Remuneration: Certified professionals are likely to command higher salaries due to the perceived increase in productivity and efficiency. Studies indicate that earning a MOS certificate can boost one’s salary by up to 20% 29.

Moreover, the certification process itself, involving an exam that tests the candidate’s knowledge and skills in using specific Microsoft Office applications, prepares individuals for the demands of the job market 2. With institutions like iTech Analytic Solutions(iTAS), NIIT, and TCS iON offering MOS certification programs in India, it’s accessible for both fresh graduates and working professionals to improve their resumes and increase their chances of securing better job opportunities 2.

How MOS Certifications Enhance Professional Credibility and Efficiency

MOS certification enhances professional credibility and efficiency by establishing a candidate’s proficiency in Microsoft Office, which is crucial for performing efficiently in many job roles. The certification process is designed to measure a wide range of skills, including but not limited to:

  • Document Management: Handling documents effectively, from creation to collaboration 3.
  • Formatting and Design: Mastery over inserting and formatting text, paragraphs, sections, and graphic elements 3.
  • Advanced Features and Shortcuts: Knowledge of these can significantly increase productivity and efficiency in daily tasks 18.

Furthermore, achieving MOS certification, available at Associate, Expert, and Master levels, requires candidates to pass specific exams. These exams are developed with a high level of internal consistency and undergo rigorous steps to ensure fairness and global standardization, including alignment with the WCAG 2.1 accessibility standard 3. This meticulous approach to certification not only validates a candidate’s skills but also significantly boosts their attractiveness to potential employers. Certified employees are often considered more proficient than their non-certified counterparts, with supervisors and organizations recognizing the value of MOS certification in enhancing operational performance 19. Additionally, the certification opens doors to increased salary potential and career opportunities, setting individuals apart in the competitive job market 11.

Steps to Achieve a MOS Certification and Future Prospects

Embarking on the journey to obtain an MOS certification involves a series of steps that can significantly enhance one’s employability and professional standing, both globally and especially in India. The process is straightforward but requires dedication and a focus on the end goal: improving job prospects and salary potential.

  • Choose Your Certification Path: Begin by selecting the specific MOS certification that aligns with your career goals or current job requirements. The MOS program offers courses ranging from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, across different versions like 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010 15.
  • Preparation and Training: Utilize resources provided by Microsoft Authorized Education Partners and Testing Centres like iTech Analytic Solutions(iTAS), which offers comprehensive training for various MOS certifications. They provide IT training, Microsoft Office Specialist Training, and certification among other services, catering to both beginners and advanced users 20.
  • Registration and Exam: Once prepared, register for the exam through the Certiport website, noting that each exam costs $100 in the United States 16. The exams can be taken through various delivery methods, including remotely via the Exams from Home solution, ensuring flexibility for candidates across India 15.

Upon successful completion, the MOS certification opens doors to numerous benefits including increased employability, alignment with industry-defined roles, skill maintenance, and potential salary hikes. For students, it’s a gateway to earning cost-effective college credit while demonstrating essential computing efficiency in the workplace 11. With three certification levels (Core, Expert, and Master), advancing through the MOS certification ladder not only elevates one’s professional credibility but also significantly boosts career prospects, making it a valuable investment for anyone looking to excel in today’s competitive job market 20.


Through the lens of the rapidly evolving Indian job market, the significance of MOS certification in bolstering one’s employability and professional standing has been clearly established. The discussed research and data underscore the tangible benefits such as improved job prospects, enhanced professional credibility, and potential salary increments that come with acquiring MOS certification. These credentials not only align individuals with the current industry demands but also set them apart as proficient and efficient professionals in the global and particularly Indian corporate landscape.

As we have seen, the journey towards achieving MOS certification is a valuable investment in one’s career, providing a clear pathway to unlocking better job opportunities and fostering professional growth. The mosaic of benefits detailed within this narrative distinctly points towards MOS certification acting as a pivotal element in the professional development and career advancement of individuals. For those aspiring to elevate their career prospects and gain a competitive edge in the job market, the time to Get Certified Now is paramount. This action not just promises a brighter future but also aligns with the evolving needs of the digital age, paving the way for both global and local career advancements.


What does MOS certification aim to achieve?

The MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certification is designed to help individuals attain success across various professional fields such as business, finance, healthcare, computer science, IT, and engineering. It benefits not only those in the workforce but also educators, employers, and the broader job market by enhancing skills and knowledge.

Why is MOS certification considered important?

MOS certification is crucial because it enables individuals to excel professionally, enriches academic programs, and boosts workplace productivity. The advantages of acquiring and utilizing this certification are vast and can significantly impact professional growth and efficiency.

What are the main advantages of obtaining a MOS certification?

Obtaining a MOS certification offers several key benefits, including:

  • Expanded job opportunities.
  • Recognition within your workplace.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Enhanced credibility and marketability.
  • Updated knowledge of the latest software.
  • Improved teamwork and collaboration skills.

How does MOS certification impact salary and career?

Individuals with MOS certification, on average, earn a salary that is 15% higher than their uncertified counterparts. This certification not only boosts earning potential but also opens doors to more career opportunities, demonstrating its significant value in the job market.

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