Sushant University: Anchoring Academic Stability in Changing Times

Sushant University
Sushant University

When one steps onto any university campus, the vibrant energy speaks volumes. A collection of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences combine together fostering a unique sense of belonging. Openness and inclusivity are the cornerstones of this environment. Professors become mentors, classmates become a support system and the university transforms into an extended family, nurturing and empowering each individual to thrive.

Nurturing those relationships, Sushant University creates a vibrant ecosystem where everyone can contribute, learn and thrive. With academic faculty exposure from IIMs and IITs, the faculty focuses on fostering Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Nurturing Startups.

Sushant University navigates the advancing realm of education with agility and purpose. The education realm is where ideas flourish and minds converge and here the institute fosters an environment where students are empowered to explore, discover and transform their aspirations into reality.

Transient Triumphs

Sushant University shows how things change and grow in the world of education. Inside, you’ll find programs that get you ready for jobs and new fields of study that match what businesses need. They team up with businesses to give you real-world experiences that mix with what you learn. Research opportunities and funding for projects come and go, pushing scholars to come up with new ideas. The teachers here are top-notch, with experience from around the world, but they’re just one part of the big picture of learning.

Even as things change, the School of Business at Sushant University stays focused on helping students become entrepreneurs and innovators. It’s like a rock in a sea of change. One can hear workshops, guest speakers and partnerships with other countries visiting and guiding students further showing how we’re connected to the world.

In the realm of holistic development where sports, culture and extracurricular activities intertwine, Sushant University serves as a fleeting sanctuary for growth and exploration. Amidst the mentor-mentee meetings and social internships, connections are forged and legacies are born within the fleeting moments of academia.

Trailblazing Curriculum and Notable Student Achievements

Sushant University meticulously crafts its curriculum, drawing upon the expertise of industry luminaries and the benchmarks set by prestigious Ivy League Universities. With a keen eye on industry requirements, the curriculum is tailored to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their chosen fields. Regular feedback from stakeholders ensures that the curriculum remains dynamic and responsive to the evolving needs of the business world.

The achievements of students serve as an exemplar to the efficacy of its educational approach. From Bhavya Asija’s senior role at Grant Thornton Bharat LLP to Anisha Godara’s ownership of an Advertising and PR firm, its alumni have carved out impressive paths in the professional sphere. Ishika Azad’s contributions at Ericsson and EY, along with Tarun Sharma’s endeavors at Berger, further exemplify the caliber of talent nurtured within the institute.

Apart from academia, the students have also made significant contributions to the realms of sports and culture, both nationally and internationally. From cricket and grappling to shooting and dance, they have showcased their prowess on diverse platforms and brought honor to our institution through their achievements. Such accomplishments serve as a source of inspiration for the entire student community, motivating them to strive for excellence in all endeavors.

Empowering Excellence

Sushant University supports innovation and entrepreneurship by ingraining principles guiding every facet of its curriculum. With a steadfast commitment to fostering innovation, the curriculum is designed to nurture entrepreneurial spirit from inception to execution. Through dedicated initiatives like the incubation center—where budding ideas are nurtured into startups—it empowers students to think outside the box and turn their visions into reality.

Furthermore, the University bolsters inclusivity and equal opportunity, regardless of background or circumstance. Through intentional hiring practices, diverse representation and comprehensive training on sensitive issues, we strive to create an environment where every student feels valued and supported.

At the leadership level, inclusivity is a lived reality, where every individual is treated with the utmost respect and consideration fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie akin to that of a family.

Sushant University emphasizes “Internationalization” in line with NEP 2020. As part of this approach, it fosters a unique Platform Lecture Series with serving Ambassadors/High Commissioners of foreign countries accredited to India delivering lectures on campus. It seeks to broaden the horizon of its students through global connect with foreign university-partners, guest lectures from visiting foreign faculty, student exchange/ global immersion programs etc.  University introduces the Global Immersion Program, providing students with a unique blend of academic learning and hands-on industrial exposure across international borders.

Within Sushant University’s innovative Incubation Centre, students collaborate across disciplines, refining their ideas and presenting them to industry experts for evaluation and guidance, fostering entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Through Experiential Learning and Live Projects, students at Sushant School of Business engage in real-world applications of their knowledge, spanning areas such as the stock market and digital marketing. By partnering with NGOs, the School cultivates a sense of social responsibility, shaping students into responsible citizens.

Encouraging a research culture, Sushant University empowers students to explore their academic interests by collaborating with esteemed faculty members. From local to global platforms, Sushant and its peers present their research, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in their fields.

Empowering Global Leaders

Sushant University places a strong emphasis on cultivating problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills and fostering personality development among its students. Through a curriculum designed to offer practical experiences such as internships and projects, students gain invaluable insights into real-world scenarios.

Moreover, the School provides exposure to diverse cultures and global issues, ensuring students develop a broad global perspective. With international exposure embedded into the curriculum, the business school equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the international market.

In addition to its robust curriculum, Sushant University boasts a wide array of collaborations with prestigious institutions worldwide, including the University of Essex, UK, Arizona State University, USA, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, University of Northern Iowa, USA, International Skill Development Cooperation (ISDC), and United International University, Dhaka.

These collaborations offer students unparalleled opportunities for global engagement, research and academic exchange, further enriching their educational experience and preparing them for success in the global arena.

The School of Business at Sushant University

The School of Business provides comprehensive support services and resources to empower students in launching successful careers post-graduation:

  • Career Resource Centre (CRC): A well-established centre offering guidance and support for career development, including job search strategies, resume building and interview preparation.
  • Membership with AIMA: Students gain access to the All-India Management Association (AIMA), a premier apex body for management in India offering networking opportunities and professional development resources.
  • Networking Opportunities: The School facilitates networking through various platforms such as conferences, seminars, workshops, and colloquia, enabling students to connect with industry professionals and peers.
  • Alumni Meet and Mentoring: Regular alumni meetups and mentoring programs provide students with valuable insights, guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals in their field.
  • Incubation Centre for Startups: The School fosters entrepreneurial spirit by providing resources and support for students interested in launching their own startups, including access to mentorship, funding opportunities and workspace.

Moreover, the School of Business actively encourages and trains students to build their professional networks through both physical and virtual networking initiatives. Regular networking events, social gatherings and mentorship programs are organized to facilitate connections among students, alumni and faculty members.

The alumni engagement in career development activities, guest lectures and advisory roles contributes to a supportive community environment. Through the nurturing of these relationships, the School cultivates a vibrant ecosystem where individuals can contribute, learn and thrive together.

Transformative Technological Integration

Technology plays a vital role in shaping the educational journey at our business school fostering innovation, collaboration and accessibility. It leverages a variety of technological platforms and tools to enrich the learning experience:

  • Online Platforms by TCS iON: Through TCS iON’s online platforms, students at Sushant University can access a comprehensive range of lectures, resources and interactive learning materials, facilitating convenient and flexible learning.
  • Webinars: Students benefit from webinars conducted by industry experts, offering valuable insights and knowledge on relevant topics. These webinars provide opportunities for interactive learning and engagement.
  • Online Courses via MooC: Sushant University’s School of Business offers online courses through Massive Open Online Courses (MooC), enabling students to explore additional learning avenues and expand their skill sets beyond the traditional classroom environment.
  • Technological Tools: The utilization of tools such as data analytics and simulation software enhances experiential learning opportunities. These tools allow students to apply theoretical concepts to practical, real-world scenarios, fostering deeper understanding and skill development.

Advancing Excellence

In the upcoming year, Sushant University’s School of Business is set to integrate emerging trends like digital transformation, sustainability and global market dynamics into its curriculum. Additionally, it aims to broaden its scope of experiential learning opportunities through strategic industry partnerships, providing students with practical insights and real-world experiences.

Recognizing the invaluable contribution of alumni, the School plans to enhance collaboration with them to bolster student success and professional development initiatives. Furthermore, Sushant University remains committed to investing in faculty development and research excellence, attracting top scholars and fostering impactful research endeavors that drive innovation and advance business knowledge and practices. These endeavors are part of the school’s broader strategy to reach new heights of academic and professional achievement.