Sunita Jain: Embodying the Role of an Ideal First Teacher

Sunita Jain
Sunita Jain

Values hold a significant place in everyone’s life, guiding their decisions and actions. While personal experiences shape individual beliefs and values, it is crucial to establish a foundation that drives the overall learning process.

The education system prioritizes comprehensive child development, encompassing crucial aspects such as emotional growth, establishing a strong educational foundation, and emphasizing the significance of values in today’s world.

In the current fast-paced world, preschools have taken on the responsibility of nurturing essential developmental aspects that were traditionally handled by mothers. Preschools play a crucial role in fostering the overall growth and development of children.

Each child needs to grow according to their unique nature. This enables them to stay true to themselves and facilitates significant growth. This is precisely why mothers used to assume the responsibility of nurturing their children even before formal schooling began.

Mrs. Sunita Jain beautifully embodies the roles of a mother and a teacher for children attending Hello Kids Preschool. Following a successful career as an engineer, she assumed the position of CEO-operations at Hello Kids in 2007, contributing to the brand’s expansion as a leading PAN India preschool chain.

A Remarkable Professional Journey

Having completed her BE in Information and Technology from KIIT Bhubaneshwar, Mrs Sunita Jain worked with renowned IT firms like Infosys (2004) and Huawei (2006) before joining Hello Kids in 2007. Under her expert guidance, effective development strategies, and forward-thinking vision, Hello Kids has become the fourth-largest preschool chain in India, with over 860+ Hello Kids preschools across India and Bangladesh.

Mr Pritam Agrawal, Mrs. Sunita Jain’s husband, played a pivotal role in inspiring her journey as an educator. Recognizing the importance of early childhood education for future generations, he shed light on the possibilities of creating a business in this sector, catering to the needs of young children and promising a better future. Mrs. Sunita Jain embraced the CEO position at Hello Kids, leveraging her expertise from her previous career to make a significant impact.

Establishing a Strong Foundation of Quality Education and Values

Hello Kids envisions providing the next generation with a solid foundation of positive values and preparedness. This ensures that upcoming generations can effectively contribute to society, benefiting not only themselves but also their families and the entire community.

“Our institution strives to educate young children, building a strong foundation in all aspects and empowering them to thrive in the future. By nurturing them with values, fundamental education, and various essential skills such as social, motor, and cognitive skills, we recognize the importance of tending to the roots to foster firm growth. We no longer neglect or overlook the critical initial years of a child’s development. Instead, we provide the nourishment required for their holistic growth,” emphasized Mrs. Sunita Jain.

Promoting Education for Empowerment

Mrs Sunita Jain strongly believes in the power of education to empower individuals. Elaborating on education as an empowering tool, she states, “Initially, education is about acquiring knowledge, but ultimately, it is about gaining wisdom. The latter is the true goal of learning, which many learners fail to achieve, and most educators neglect. Nurturing values, alongside providing conceptual clarity and practical insights that promote environmental preservation and compassion towards others, help us attain this goal. It all begins with a proper foundation, and our focus is on providing the best possible start for children in preschool. Our aim is to empower them throughout their lives.”

Empowering the Nation 

Hello Kids aims to provide education to those in need through franchising in various categories. The school’s reach extends beyond metropolitan areas, covering a significant portion of urban and rural regions.

By franchising in semi-rural and rural areas, Hello Kids not only seeks business expansion but also strives to deliver quality education to children in areas that others may not be able to reach.

Eyeing For a Better Future 

Mrs.Sunita Jain and her team are continuously working towards providing quality education to young minds. Under Mrs. Jain’s guidance, the team has been consistently improving.

From humble beginnings with a small preschool in a single room, Hello Kids has now expanded its presence across India and Bangladesh. The ultimate aspiration of Hello Kids is to extend its reach to children worldwide.

Ensuring Better Preschool Education

Hello Kids ensures a friendly and nurturing environment for young children as they step out of the comfort of their homes. In addition to creating a welcoming atmosphere, the preschool places equal emphasis on academics, extracurricular skills, and the development of a child’s value system, thereby raising educational standards effectively.

Mrs. Sunita Jain emphasized the importance of children’s emotional well-being throughout the learning process, stating, “We aim to witness improved cognitive, social, communicative, motor, emotional development in children, alongside their academic progress and values.”