Schools Across Maharashtra have Welcomed 11,000 Newly Recruited Teachers


The recruitment process for Maharashtra teachers has been completed, marking the first phase in two decades. Approximately 11,000 new teachers have joined schools statewide. Notably, the process is conducted transparently, with the introduction of a “complaint redressal and rectification committee” to address grievances officially.

Suraj Mandhare, the state education commissioner, emphasized, “The education department ensured a transparent process devoid of any influence. Throughout, we promptly addressed queries on social media and responded to individual messages from merit holders. Official updates were regularly posted on the portal. For grievances, contact the ‘Grievance Redressal and Redressal Committee’ via email at”

An appeal has been issued to record phone numbers, capture photographs of any wrongdoers, and report them directly to the police, preventing any misconduct during the process. Several measures have been implemented to deter attempts to mislead qualified individuals.

Mandhare added, “Any questions or technical issues were promptly and thoroughly addressed at the ministry level by the education minister and the principal secretary, facilitating the smooth progression of the process.”

“As a consequence, even candidates not selected on Monday have acknowledged that the recruitment process was conducted fairly, transparently, and in accordance with regulations. Overall, it is anticipated that all newly appointed teachers, selected through such equitable means, will wholeheartedly contribute to student development,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the recruitment is being overseen by the state’s school education department, and despite recommending qualified candidates, thousands of positions remain vacant.