School of Commerce and Management Studies, Dayananda Sagar University, Bengaluru, India: Crafting Future Business Leaders

Dayananda Sagar University
Dayananda Sagar University, Bengaluru, India

The Indian education system has dramatically valued knowledge and skills from time immemorial. High-potential management courses like the MBA, although of recent origin, skill students with practical business competencies add value to their persona and enhance the candidate’s competence in the demanding job market in India. Creating valuable industry connections and building networks that cater to opportunities through these programs is a valuable by-product of knowledge absorption.

Career alignment and global exposure are essential for a bright and promising future, which is possible through specialisations in functional courses and a broad understanding of general management. MBA programs are also instrumental in cultivating leadership qualities and nurturing critical thinking capabilities among graduates. Competencies like these equip them to make astute strategic decisions and tackle complex challenges in our ever-evolving business market.

Consequently, management programs are indispensable in shaping highly skilled and adaptable professionals who can significantly contribute to India’s burgeoning economic growth.

The School of Commerce & Management Studies (SCMS) School of Commerce and Management Studies (SCMS), Dayananda Sagar University, Bengaluru, is a brilliant Business School that distinguishes itself through several unique features. Managed by accomplished and highly qualified faculty and progressive management, the Dean, Capt. A. Nagaraj Subbarao, Professor of Strategy and Leadership, SCMS, says the school is top class at combining knowledge creation and dissemination.

Assignments with international case studies, simulations, international certifications, and internships are highly emphasized here to encourage experimental learning in students. The curriculum and pedagogy prepare the individuals for practical challenges and provide exposure to the real business world, making them industry ready. As the market is driven by technology, the school offers value-added programs in FINTECH, HR and Marketing Analytics, Blockchain Technology, and Design Thinking, among others, through the school’s several Centres for Professional Enhancement (COPE).

The MBA program has eight specializations in areas ranging from Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics to Finance, HR, and Marketing. The breadth of disciplines and the structure offering a dual domain allow students the potential to pursue a wide range of specializations in combination. The curriculum also supports a brilliant business simulation that gives a student an all-round business perspective that few other programs offer. The school also offers a comprehensive English language experience for those students who want to improve their English speaking and writing skills.

The five critical pillars of the school’s management programs for 2023–2024 are creativity, entrepreneurship, problem-solving, leadership, and technology. These pillars form the fundamental basis of the program, moulding students into informed, flexible professionals ready for the fast-paced world of business they will encounter. Furthermore, the curriculum is embellished by adding exciting programs like industry integration and value-based education, separating the curriculum from other schools. Programs like the International Culture Appreciation Tour (ICAT) and Leadership by Action & Practice (LEAP) give students a great idea of leadership, team dynamics, life in practice, culture, and problem-solving on the job. Students learn at offshore locations and are mentored by leaders. The comprehensive learning approach, extensive industry connections, and flexible specialisations make it a preferred choice for aspiring management professionals. The school has several successful programs – A doctoral program, a full-time MBA program, an Executive MBA program for working professionals, and undergraduate programs in BBA and B.Com. The school also has associations with professional bodies like CMA (USA) and ACCA (UK) and coaches aspiring chartered accountants. The spread of courses is breathtaking!

The school’s several business clubs add flavor to the learning experience. Clubs deal with societal issues like greenhouse gases, the increasing carbon footprint, issues like the future of work in a world where expectations are changing, the demography is challenging, and technology is impacting every sphere of existence.

A Journey Towards Global Success

SCMS is an experience that turns dreams into reality, writing success stories with sweat, hard work, and determination. It’s all possible due to the universities’ solid global orientation, nurturing students with a thorough understanding of the worldwide business environment. The school has recently been recognized as one of the top emerging B Schools in India (The Week 2023) and one of the best five B Schools in Bengaluru, India (The Outlook – ICARE Rankings | India’s Best B Schools 2024).

The school invites international faculty for extended tenures to understand international best practices. These distinguished academics spend time on the campus, interacting with students and faculty. This interaction broadens students’ perspectives and promotes cross-cultural learning experiences. The network formed by the University is widespread all across Asia, Europe, and the USA. It creates a catalyst to establish valuable relationships with the most premium and esteemed international institutions.

These collaborative relationships are a pass to student exchange programs, providing opportunities for scholars to travel, study, and reside at these renowned universities. International students are welcomed to the campus, building a diverse and inclusive learning environment that reflects the global world. Since 2021, SCMS has collaborated with Corp-IT, a company based in Switzerland, on internship and job placement programs. The institution’s dedication to encouraging a global outlook is shown in its planning of international workshops.

Prominent academics have conducted seminars to improve students’ intrapreneurial thinking and innovative skills. Dr Stephen McKenna from Curtin Business School in Australia and Dr Pierre Al Khoury, a public policy expert and economist from Lebanon, spent time on campus in 2023. Students’ exposure to the world is further enhanced by SCMS’s links with universities, such as:

Steinbeis University is in Germany, and Whitireia & Wellington is in New Zealand. The school has associations with international bodies like Dataiku, USA, and 365 Data Science, Europe, providing students with superbly crafted international certification programs that encourage them to develop an ability to learn on their own. A critical skill for future success!

Encouraging Research Activities

The University maintains an active commitment to student and faculty research, with a dedicated vertical known as the Centre for Business Research & Analysis (COBRA), which is student-driven. This unique centre enhances student involvement in researching and developing solutions for industry-ready business challenges under the mentorship of scholarly professors who also serve as coaches. Faculty members are encouraged to engage in industry and academic conferences and to publish their work in esteemed journals, including those listed in SCOPUS and ABDC. SCMS highly values its doctoral program, ensuring that numerous scholars receive guidance from professors to produce high-quality research output and publications while advancing towards a Ph.D., a national requirement of critical importance.

The institution also facilitates research by providing access to essential resources, including licensed versions of statistical software JMP, a business simulation platform from AIMA, and a vast eBook database from international publisher Cengage via a Learning Management System (LMS). In addition, students can access top-quality journals through the University’s e-library, EBSCO, and the sizeable physical library on campus.

Industry Connect

Industry connect is an essential vertical for the school. SCMS has established alliances with esteemed sectors and institutions to promote active engagement with initiatives, leading to knowledge sharing, robust internships, and placements for students. The school places all its students in high-quality jobs in great organisations worldwide. Students are prepared for the placement season through an immersive Industry Preparedness Program (IPP) under the mentorship of industry professionals. The school’s dual specialisation MBA program is beautiful for aspiring managers. The Executive MBA program for working professionals attracts experienced people from every significant multinational organisation. It has a high success rate where students go to higher jobs with more excellent compensation and responsibility.

Eventually, the school will be student-centric with a firm industry focus. We work towards creating sustainable careers for our students, with an ability to learn for life and stay competitive. The school, located in the international city of Bengaluru, has a brilliant culture for learning, which is a magnet for top-quality faculty, staff, and students from all over the world.