School Education Department Initiates Self-defence Project for Girls


The school’s teaching department has started a programme to teach self-defense skills to female students.

For the first stage of the project, a list of 233 upper primary, secondary, and higher secondary schools in Calcutta has been created. The programme will begin in about a month, according to the department.

The training is a component of the department’s Ananda Parishar programme, which aims to give students knowledge and abilities outside the classroom.

The Calcutta police will teach the students self-defense techniques, according to an official.

A 10-day course called Tejashwini is run by the Calcutta Police to teach women and girls self-defense. Enrollees include high school and college students, professionals in the workforce, and housewives.

The training sessions in schools will ideally be held on Saturday for pupils in Classes VIII through XII, according to officials in the education department.

“We have created a programme specifically for youngsters in schools. Students should learn self-defense skills so they can defend themselves from any threats. Since they provide instruction in unarmed combat, the Calcutta police were chosen for the project, according to a representative of the Samagra Shiksha Mission, a division of the state education department.

“The programme will include simple yet powerful moves. The participants will be trained in ways to protect themselves when attacked,” said another official of the department.

According to a manual created by the department, female pupils will receive instruction in face punching, rear fist punching, reverse punching, hook punching, and round punching.

They will also receive instruction in kicks (front kick, roundhouse kick, lower kick, and knee kick), as well as blocks (facial block, chest block, and lower abdomen block).

“The students will also be taught how to meditate and increase mental toughness,” said an official.

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