Prof. Som Nath Sachdeva: Pioneering a Comprehensive Educational Setup

Som Nath
Prof. Som Nath Sachdeva

Education leaders are visionaries who shape the dynamic educational sphere, crafting a student-centric set-up that imparts quality education without any compromise. These leaders thoroughly research the educational landscape and apply strategies to bring progressive transformations. Their primary focus is the upliftment of students from all backgrounds.

They hold empathy and effectively communicate with students, parents, and educators. These thought leaders always have an eye for solutions and patiently handle situations. Equipped with exceptional organizational and delegation skills, education leaders strive to establish educational excellence.

They understand the role of education in raising the standards of society and, hence, contribute to promoting literacy by inspiring and influencing learners. Prof. Som Nath Sachdeva, Vice-Chancellor of Kurukshetra University, is an adept personality with well-versed knowledge and experience in the educational realm.

He holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Regional Engineering College, Kurukshetra, and a doctorate under the guidance of renowned professors from IIT Roorkee and NIT Kurukshetra. He has thirty-three years of expertise in teaching, research, consultancy, and administration at NIT Kurukshetra, a Nationally Important Institution.

This skilled individual completed all his academic requirements with high marks at both the Board and University levels. He is a recognized education leader specializing in transportation engineering, who established the M.Tech Program in Transportation Engineering in 2005 under the Civil Engineering Department at NIT Kurukshetra. His proposal included creating two advanced laboratories and modernizing the Highway Engineering Lab.

A Passion for Teaching and R&D

Prof. Som Nath’s teaching profession began at the esteemed Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh. With his innovative approaches and strategic teaching methods, he was acknowledged as the Best Teacher of the Civil Engineering Department in the students’ feedback. His dedication to the teaching profession is well-reflected in his decisions; he chose teaching over being a commissioned officer in Army Engineers through the Service Selection Board, Executive Engineer in the Border Roads Organisation through the Indian Engineering Services Examination of UPSC, and Executive Engineer in Construction Wing of All India Radio & Doordarshan through IES exam of UPSC, and so on.

In addition to his work in education, Prof. Som Nath has a strong background in research and development. He has successfully led numerous sponsored R&D projects and supervised the dissertations of over seventy M.Tech and Ph.D. scholars. He has also published over a hundred research papers in reputable national and international journals and conferences, several of which had very high impact factor SCI journals.

For his study work published in the Indian Roads Congress Journal, he received both a gold medal and the best work award. Similarly, he won another best paper award at an international conference in the United States of America.

Prof. Som Nath has traveled to numerous nations during his studies, including the USA, Hong Kong, Zhejiang Wanli University in Ningbo, China, and the University of Cambridge in the UK. In addition, he has given technical speeches and chaired numerous technical conference sessions. He also reviews work for numerous reputable national and international magazines.

Precious Contributions to Highway Engineering

Prof. Som Nath is a highly experienced and well-respected consultant in Highway Engineering with an impressive track record of providing exceptional consultancy services to various government and private sector organizations for almost twenty years. His expertise lies in multiple areas, including pavement design, mix designs, geometric design of roads, traffic studies, transportation planning, material testing, field investigations, and quality control.

He has helped his clients significantly improve their transportation infrastructure and earned a reputation for delivering high-quality work. Through his consultancy services, Professor Som Nath has generated substantial revenue for his institute, making him an invaluable asset to the field of highway engineering.

Driving Rural Development through Infrastructure Innovation

Prof. Som Nath is the coordinator of the State Technical Agency of Govt of India for the implementation of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna Projects in Haryana and was instrumental in providing technical and R&D input to widening and strengthening many rural roads of Haryana worth more than two thousand crores. He was given special appreciation from the state government for his valuable contribution.

Crafting a Holistic Educational Set-up

Prof. Som Nath’s comprehensive skill set, positive approach, and abilities distinguish him as a leading force positioned to drive Kurukshetra University to greater prominence and success. Kurukshetra University has established a NEP 2020-based curriculum for undergraduate degrees in both traditional and online formats. This parity between the formats also facilitates student movement among these modes in the true spirit of flexible education.

NEP 2020 calls for Higher Education Institutes to function as knowledge creation and innovation hubs, promoting the national economy’s growth. Kurukshetra University promotes a creative culture where students are encouraged to explore and question, fostering critical thinking, brainstorming, collaborative projects, interactive learning, and interdisciplinary learning.

It also offers entrepreneurship programs equipping students with skills like problem-solving, resourcefulness, and adaptability, preparing them for the dynamic landscape of the professional world.

Under the visionary leadership of Prof. Som Nath, Kurukshetra University emphasizes project-based learning, leverages technology, and encourages students to acquire advanced skills and incorporate ethical and sustainable innovation.

Modes of Responsibilities

Within his thirty-three years of experience, Prof. Som Nath has performed almost all administrative assignments, including head of the department, director of the grievance cell, chief warden, president of students’ clubs, P/I examination, etc. He also served as an NCC officer for about 15 years and held the commissioned rank of Captain.

He also has administrative experience as a member of the Executive Council and Academic Council of three Universities of Haryana and the Court of Kurukshetra University. Besides, he has been a member of many reputed national-level committees, the H-3 committee of the Indian Roads Congress for formulating Standards and Codes in cement concrete pavements, and an expert National Board of Accreditation member. He is also a Master Trainer of Road Safety for the Government of India and a life member of various professional societies.

A Social Activist

Prof. Som Nath is also well-known for his contributions to social services. He has significantly contributed to creating designs for enlarging the railway route to four lanes and widening the road from Pipli to Third Gate to Jayotisar to six lanes.

He has been involved in the project of supplying fresh water from the Narwana Branch Canal to Brahmsarovar, as well as the project of providing a new water supply to Pehowa Tirath, which included remodeling the bed of its Sarovar to keep the water clean.

In addition, he helped prepare a proposal for the development of several locations under the Krishna Circuit in Kurukshetra, which resulted in a grant of more than 90 crore from the Government of India for this project.

He served on International Gita Mahotsav’s advisory group and significantly contributed to the organization’s development. He has already received recognition for his tremendous contributions to society from the Hon’ble Chief Minister and Governor of Haryana.

Definition of a Capable Leader

Prof. Som Nath reflects perfection and inspires hundreds of leaders in the education sector. He possesses all-around capabilities, which are reflected in the fact that he is not only good at academics, research, consultancy, and administration but also equally good at extra-curricular activities. He has represented the state in badminton and an on-the-spot painting competition and won prizes. He was also the best NCC shooter at Kurukshetra University.

Prof. Som Nath is a simple and optimistic person with a solid foundation for heading Kurukshetra University.