Prof. Hemanshu Parmar Named Chief Advisor by UNESCO Laureate

UNESCO Laureate
UNESCO Laureate

Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu, the UNESCO Laureate and Vice-Chancellor of Crown University International Chartered Inc., USA, has appointed Professor Hemanshu Parmar as the Chief Adviser of the university. Professor Parmar, who currently serves as the Chancellor of Nossfolk International University in India, is recognized for his academic achievements and expertise in fields such as Social Studies, Cyber Security, Human Rights, Education, and International Business & Commerce.

In a press statement, Professor Aremu commended Professor Parmar’s significant contributions to academia, describing him as a world-class, experienced university chancellor, professor, administrator, researcher, and global educator. The statement highlighted Professor Parmar’s diverse experiences, including serving as the International Affairs Manager at e-tutor Global Education, a Visiting Professor at various institutions, a Global Coordinator at the International Human Rights Help Association, and Vice President of International Affairs at Fellowship University, among other roles.

The appointment, as outlined in Crown University’s Executive order, grants Professor Parmar the authority, responsibilities, and honors of the Chief Adviser position. In this role, he will assist the Chancellor, Chairman of the World Grand Board of Trustees, and Vice-Chancellor of Crown University in bringing in international students and qualified candidates for Honorary Doctorate. Professor Parmar will also have a seat on the Grand Board of Trustees.

In her response to the appointment, Mrs. Ayesha Shiddiqua Hussain, the newly appointed Chief Adviser & International Representative, expressed gratitude for the recognition and pledged to fulfill the institution’s mission and vision. The appointment reflects Crown University’s commitment to leveraging global expertise and fostering international collaborations in the field of education.

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