Prachee Shriniwas Mahambare: Forging Paths for Feminine Resilience

Prachee Shriniwas Mahambare
Prachee Shriniwas Mahambare

Prachee Shriniwas MahambareFounder and Director of PROFEX (Institute of Professional Excellence)—holds a post-graduation degree in Economics, specializing in Industrial and Financial Economics from Mumbai University, where she achieved the distinction of being the gold medalist. With a strong academic foundation and a keen interest in the field of economics, Prachee always envisioned a career in this domain.

However, her career path took an unexpected turn due to personal reasons, which led her to explore avenues beyond her initial aspirations. Despite not being able to pursue a master’s degree in business administration, her passion for management studies remained undiminished. She continued to enhance her knowledge by delving into management literature, finding inspiration in books such as “Attitude is Everything,” “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” and “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.”

Nine years of hiatus from her professional journey, prompted by family responsibilities, allowed Prachee to engage in continuous learning and self-improvement. During this period, she dedicated herself to staying updated with current trends and developments, uncertain of her future career direction.

A Resilient Journey

Upon resuming her career, Prachee embarked on a new path as a language and Soft skills trainer at a soft skills institute, driven by the need to balance personal constraints with professional aspirations. Despite the initial divergence from her academic background, she found fulfillment in this role, gradually expanding her expertise to encompass various aspects of training and development.

The positive feedback received from seminars conducted for college students on Interview Skills, Positive Thinking, Decision Making, Personality Development and related topics served as a catalyst for Prachee’s exploration of the training field. Encouraged by the impact of her sessions, she embraced new opportunities in the corporate world to share her knowledge and insights, continually evolving as a facilitator and mentor in the realm of personal and professional development.

Prachee’s journey reflects resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to lifelong learning, epitomizing the transformative power of embracing new challenges and opportunities along one’s career path.

A Journey of Self-Doubt

At PROFEX—an institute dedicated to conducting Personality Development and Business Communication training—remarkable transformations unfold with each participant’s journey. One such inspiring tale revolves around an Anganwadi teacher who, despite years of experience, found herself grappling with self-doubt and anxiety when faced with the prospect of leadership and mentorship.

Having served as a teacher for 15 years, the Anganwadi teacher approached PROFEX seeking guidance and support to overcome her insecurities. Expressing her hesitations and fears, she questioned her ability to step into a leadership role with confidence and authority.

Nurturing Confidence

Undeterred by her apprehensions, the team at PROFEX assured her that she possessed the potential to overcome her perceived weaknesses if she was willing to commit to the journey of self-improvement. With encouragement and guidance, she reluctantly enrolled in the training program, unsure of what lay ahead.

Throughout the course, the dedicated trainers at PROFEX worked tirelessly to nurture her confidence and self-belief. They provided support, standing by her side during challenging moments and encouraging her to confront her fears head-on.

Empowerment and Leadership

Gradually, through a combination of personalized coaching, group exercises, and heartfelt encouragement, the Anganwadi teacher began to break free from the shackles of self-doubt. Sharing her personal journey and triumphs with her classmates, she discovered a newfound sense of empowerment and pride in her own resilience.

As the training program culminated in a Personality Contest, the Anganwadi teacher surprised everyone by volunteering to participate. Stepping onto the stage with newfound confidence, she captivated the audience with her poise and eloquence, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed her transformation.

Today, empowered by her experience at PROFEX, the Anganwadi teacher has embraced her role as a leader within her community. She fearlessly advocates for the rights of teachers, leads demonstrations, and trains and guides others with passion and conviction.

A Journey of Professional Discovery

Prachee embarked on a unique journey of self-improvement and professional development by undertaking a year-long project to meet with managers, VPs, and Directors across various industries. Seeking to gain firsthand insights into the challenges faced by different sectors, she diligently scheduled appointments and conducted interviews to understand the intricacies of real-life day-to-day obstacles.

Through these interactions, Prachee gleaned invaluable knowledge of industry-specific conflicts, communication gaps, and diverse leadership styles prevalent in different organizational settings. Immersed in the world of business and management, she delved deep into understanding the root causes of these challenges and how leaders attempted to address them.

The wealth of information gathered through her extensive research profoundly impacted Prachee’s perspective on training and development. Armed with a newfound understanding of the practical realities faced by professionals in diverse industries, she sought to infuse her content design with a tangible, real-world approach.

The Adaptive Trainer

Prachee immersed herself in the world of corporate training, spanning industries as diverse as automobile, manufacturing, fashion, pharma, healthcare, and education. Each sector presented its unique set of challenges, demanding a tailored approach from the trainer.

Understanding these industry-specific hurdles became Prachee’s priority. She delved into the intricacies by studying company websites, crafting questionnaires, and engaging in crucial discussions with clients. These steps laid the foundation for finely tuned training programs.

Her dedication didn’t stop there. To truly grasp the nuances of each industry, Prachee embarked on a journey of interviews with top-level executives. From managers to VPs, she sought insights into the daily trials they faced and the strategies employed to overcome them. A year of diligent research provided her with invaluable real-world perspectives, from communication pitfalls to varied leadership styles.

Armed with this newfound understanding, Prachee’s approach to training underwent a profound transformation. Her curriculum gained a practical edge, grounded in the realities of the corporate landscape. Even within her institute, she ensured that courses catered to learners of diverse backgrounds and skill levels, adapting training styles and content accordingly.

Tailored Training for Professional Success

At PROFEX, the approach is tailored to cater to learners from diverse backgrounds and skill levels. With a commitment to delivering impactful learning experiences, the institute adopts a flexible training style and customizes course content to meet the specific needs of each participant.

Led by Prachee, PROFEX prioritizes the development of essential skills such as communication, problem-solving, and professional grooming. Recognizing the importance of behavioral changes in achieving these objectives, Prachee emphasizes the need for participants to gain a realistic perspective of work expectations.

To facilitate this process, Prachee focuses on helping participants recognize and analyze their own strengths and weaknesses. Through a series of activities designed to foster self-awareness, participants are encouraged to reflect on their abilities and identify areas for improvement. By leveraging their strengths and addressing their weaknesses, participants are empowered to achieve their professional goals more effectively.

The PROFEX Approach

At the core of PROFEX’s training philosophy is the belief that self-awareness and personal development are foundational to success in the workplace. By guiding participants through a journey of self-discovery and skill enhancement, Prachee and her team ensure that each individual receives tailored support and guidance to unlock their full potential.

The Crucial Role of Communication

In the realm of professional and personal development, effective communication stands as a foundation for success, transcending industries and professions. Prachee, a seasoned trainer and advocate for enhanced communication, elucidates the critical components of the communication process, highlighting the crucial role they play in achieving desired outcomes.

Personalized Training for Communication Excellence

With a comprehensive understanding of communication dynamics, Prachee emphasizes the significance of elements such as sender, receiver, medium of communication, feedback, and noise in facilitating seamless interaction. Recognizing the potential for gaps and incompleteness in communication, Prachee identifies them as obstacles to productivity, underscoring the need for targeted interventions to bridge these gaps.

As a trainer committed to facilitating growth and development, Prachee adopts a personalized approach to address communication challenges. By discerning the communication styles and objectives of participants, she tailors activities aimed at enhancing interpersonal communication, presentation skills, and client communication. Leveraging role plays as a powerful tool, Prachee strives to foster experiential learning and skill acquisition among her ttrainees.

Apart from  communication skills, Prachee has conducted training programs in Team Building, Leadership Skills, Managerial Development across industries.

The Road Ahead

Reflecting on her own journey in the training industry, Prachee acknowledges the initial hurdles she encountered due to a lack of prior knowledge and networking opportunities. However, fueled by a passion for learning and a commitment to continuous improvement, she navigated through challenges, learning from mistakes along the way. Looking ahead, Prachee aspires to pay it forward by mentoring aspiring trainers and sharing her insights to nurture the next generation of talent in the field.