PM Modi Emphasizes the Necessity for an Education System Grounded in Indian Values

PM Modi
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted that British colonial rulers exploited our social evils to depict us as inferior.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the urgency of an education system that embodies Indian values during an event held via video conferencing to mark the 200th birth anniversary of Arya Samaj founder Swami Dayanand Saraswati at his birthplace in Tankara, Morbi district, Gujarat.

PM Modi lauded the social reformer for his advocacy of a return to the Vedas in Indian society, particularly during a period when the nation grappled with pervasive slavery and superstitions.

“An education system rooted in Indian values is imperative at this time. Arya Samaj schools have been pivotal in this regard. The nation is now broadening this vision through the National Education Policy. It’s our duty to link society with these endeavors,” Modi expressed.

Born in Gujarat and active in Haryana, Swami Dayanand had a significant impact on both regions. The Prime Minister highlighted his personal connection with these areas and acknowledged Swami Dayananda’s profound influence on his life, remarking, “His teachings have profoundly shaped my worldview, and his legacy continues to be a fundamental part of my journey.”

He emphasized the pivotal role of the social reformer in rousing India from the depths of ignorance and superstition, spearheading a movement to rediscover the essence of Vedic wisdom. “During a period when our traditions and spiritual essence were waning, Swami Dayananda urged us to return to the Vedas,” stated PM Modi, highlighting Swami’s endeavors to offer scholarly exegeses on the Vedas and rational interpretations.

“The British government exploited our social ills to portray us as inferior. Some even justified British colonial rule by citing societal changes. Swami Dayananda’s emergence dealt a significant blow to these machinations,” he added.