Naazin Haseeb Manadath: Exemplar of a Charismatic Leader

Naazin Haseeb Manadath
Naazin Haseeb Manadath

A new generation of entrepreneurs is now driving the economic expansion of India because of the country’s thriving startup ecosystem. Positive mentality shifts have occurred, and people are now willing to create their own jobs rather than seek out existing ones. With the support of technology and creativity, today, it is possible for everyone to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure to address current issues and contribute more to society.

One notable development among many positive consequences is the increase of women entrepreneurs, who are quickly seizing the spotlight in the nation’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Naazin Haseeb Manadath is one of the top names on that list of female entrepreneurs.

The journey of Naazin Haseeb Manadath as an entrepreneur started during her late adolescents and in early adulthood, precisely while she was in her first year of degree. During the initial years, she keenly looked into advertising and content creation of their products.

As days passed, her role and responsibility as a partner in their firm increased. Each day challenged her to do better and taught her to formulate a five-year plan for better performance. Since she belonged to a visionary high-flyer family in Kerala, her stepping into business management was no surprise for the populace close to her. After years of hard work, she was able to establish her identity as an accountable charismatic leader.

The Optimal Life Designer

After experiencing a decade of familiarity with the industrial business sector, in 2019 she decided to shift her line of work as social entrepreneur. At the finishing phase of her Psychology Masters Program, Ms Naazin M.H. stepped into the industry of online Coaching Training and Counseling. She joining the service industry during the COVID-19 pandemic was the best choice of time; this time frame helped her flourish in the industry! Consecutively, she successfully instituted online empowerment center, ‘Fervid Orb’ _ ‘Sphere of Hope!’ Successively, she wore the hat of Founder, CEO and fetched the titles, Change Maker 2021/ Optimal Life Designer.

While setting up her new venture, the mode of physical interaction being at high restriction alert made Ms Naazin M.H. think of taking her venture onto a digital platform. During the lockdown and the pandemic, the need and want to experience the digital world was greatly in demand. The disseminating rise in the usage of technology immensely aided positive backing in setting up the venture successfully. The greatest primary challenge she faced while establishing the venture during this period was to find a platform to showcase her institute and services.

Scaling up the Business

Ms Naazin’s venture functioned conditional upon the technology completely. It was classified in the category of Health and Ed-tech. The program she facilitated were categorical dependent upon Web3, Artificial Intelligence, Augment Reality, and Mixed Reality. The supporting system that abetted her in scaling up the business undoubtedly was Microsoft, Fin-tech, Google, Zoom, Digital Apps and Social Media.

The venture concentrates on Mind Mastery and Wellness. The vision of the institute is to establish a Mindful society, and the mission is to enable programs that cater holistic development in the individual and society at large.

The programs offered here are centered on those who face interpersonal and intrapersonal issues. The Tailored Personal Mastery sessions facilitated promise to improve the Quality of Life of the individual and sustain their well-being. The services are available online and offline, and life-long support is provided for the clients.

Influencing the Contemporaries

Naazin Haseeb Manadath chose her niche holistic development with mind mastery and wellness to psycho-educate and eradicate the stigma layman have had upon expressing their psychological distress willingly or consulting a psychiatrist, psychologist, or counsellor openly.

Post establishing the venture on the digital platform, Ms Naazin M.H. was able to pull in a humongous crowd of women, children, and men for one-to-one and group sessions. The platform helped the visitors to identify their true selves, express their problems audaciously, and lead a beautiful mindful life. She was also able to influence her fellow contemporaries to use technology aid in their career for successful counselling, training, coaching and business development.

Valuing the Capabilities

Selecting employees and assigning the right job in correspondence to job profiles is a challenging and tedious task. For any organization to function smoothly and sustain its goodwill, there is a requirement for the right staffing. While staffing employees and assigning jobs, her emphasis lays on the job profile, employee profile and environment.

On selecting team leaders, coordinators and sub-staff, the key trait she looks into is the ‘attitude’ of the individual beside any gender. It’s said, “The attitude determines the altitude of the individual, not the aptitude.” Bearing in mind, the gender diversity strategy of 10-20-70 rule upon assigning leadership positions at workplace; besides being it be any gender, male/ female/transgender, she weighs how well the person would be willing to contribute to her organization with no commotion at set parameters.

Setting Stages for Women

No woman is far away from leading an organization in the coming years! If a woman has a deep desire to be in a high-level leadership position in their career, this would be possible! Opting for which career one must thrive in is absolutely a subjective choice. If the career and personality become indistinguishable, then this is defined as success in a career, which reciprocates healthy self-esteem, confidence, well-being, financial stability, and happiness. Be it women or men, everyone speaks about financial freedom and independence. Today, being in the Digital Era, the government, society, law, banks, and technology are in absolute support of women for entrepreneurship development.

Women can very much be in the shoe of a managing director and take the role of CEO very efficiently, the reason being that the character sketch of a CEO is often said as a person who must be capable enough to make the right decision with the calculated risk involved in business development, who has the ability and skill to handle human resources, who can adapt to circumstance and challenging situations, and who have the willingness to progress and sustain growth, which is very much relatable to character sketch of efficient women with leadership quality.

The unique mind power to influence others (high in emotional intelligence), willingness to give birth under immense threshold (determination to excel and perform at best), focus on finishing work in time (efficient in time management), and the capability to perform under challenging circumstance (risk-taker and risk- bearer attitude) make women stand out and make her a superhuman.

The efficacy and efficiency women have; are those traits that are absent in men. These power traits make each female differ and different from each male counterpart. These’ differences make women and men complement each other robustly. The attributes mentioned above about women are the equivalent potentials a Chief Executive Officer would have described in the job profile.

Battling the Discrimination

Naazin Haseeb Manadath has mixed emotions when it’s said, “It’s March 8 and we are celebrating ‘International Women’s Day,’ and the month March is set for celebrating womanhood.” She overwhelmingly agrees; it is a feel-good moment! It is necessary to celebrate International Women’s Day because, on this day, the whole world unites for a cause, ‘the empowerment of society.’

This day women around the world are honored and appreciated for their contributions. This inspires many to come forward, dare to dream, and live their dream. But on the other hand, ‘womanhood’ must be celebrated every day! Women’s rights, equality, and performance must be spoken ‘n’ appreciated every day! Not for a momentary occasion in a year.

Ms Naazin M.H. vision is to build a mindful society. She has taken progressive steps to promote Quality of Life and well-being in society. On initiating offline platforms, she strategizes to scale up her business. Innovation being the vital dynamism in any business, she has outlined new programs along with the existing ones to make her enterprise more lively, engaging, and entertaining.

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