Mrs Insiyah Mustafa Lokhandwala: Edifying Young Minds for Global Opportunities

Mrs Insiyah Mustafa Lokhandwala
Mrs Insiyah Mustafa Lokhandwala

One of the most dependable and well-respected English language testing options for those whose first language is not English is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). This examination is administered to determine how well the applicants speak English. Thousands of hiring agencies, institutions, and businesses worldwide trust and accept the IELTS as the benchmark for English proficiency, as it aims to offer flawless English language usage and dialogues at all levels.

Numerous students and professionals from India aim to take the maximum benefit of global opportunities by travelling abroad, and the first step in this is usually clearing the IELTS exam.

It is important that aspiring students are appropriately guided and mentored to achieve their goals. Amber IELTS Academy, founded by Mrs Insiyah Mustafa Lokhandwala, makes the process smooth and tension-free for them by providing IELTS training, drafting of SOP and selecting the university.

Mrs Insiyah is a postgraduate from Symbiosis University, Pune. Business acumen runs in her family, but after marriage, her priorities shifted to family and children, though she continued her journey as a Professor at AlJamea-tus-Saifiyah University. She has worked for different companies while growing up, including the marketing department of Kirloskar Pumps.

While working in Surat, she got an opportunity to explore Surat and Gujarat markets closely. As a person who is familiar with Maharashtra and its market, Gujarat was a different experience for her. She worked for ICICI franchisee too. In this job profile, she had to generate awareness among people about the use of the ATM, which was a new concept then. All of these work experiences introduced her to the market. She found out about students’ needs and how students are keen on gaining more knowledge, and the importance of making these opportunities available for them.

The Birth of Amber

While going through this transition, she always had the plan to start her own business and venture into entrepreneurship.

Her inclination and dedication paid off, and she got an opportunity to serve as an IELTS trainer and consultant at Wizdom International, Surat. She officially underwent training in Rajkot and served at Wizdom, Surat, for about 11 months. It is here that her journey of entrepreneurship started. Believing in her capabilities, she took the leap of faith.

Mrs Insiyah started her own academy under the name of Amber IELTS Academy six years back. It was a roller coaster ride for her. It all started with looking for a space (owned), getting certifications and getting the interiors done. The major task was marketing. She was raw and placed herself in the huge market of IELTS and Visa Consultant, which is dominated majorly by men. As it is rightly said, skill is your shield and weapon; it proved true in her case.

She got her first batch of students by word of mouth. Since then, it was no looking back. She upgraded her skills, understood the psychology of the students and designed her own technique for IELTS. Furthermore, she researched and trained students to secure admissions to Ivy League Colleges such as Cambridge and Stevens. Time, knowledge and skills have played a pivotal role in her success. More than 500 students have been trained successfully by Amber.

Edifying Young Minds

The mission of Mrs Insiyah is to edify young minds through mentoring, guiding, and counselling through write-ups and on a personal basis and social media so that they achieve their dreams and goals. The vision is to establish similar branches in Gujarat so as to continue edifying young minds and assisting them in achieving their targets. Amber IELTS Academy is established on three core values, i.e. transparency in business, integrity and innovation.

Many certifications and awards are in her pockets. Mrs Insiyah was awarded as the best trainer in the education field in 2019 and the most aspiring women entrepreneur in 2019. She also owns a certificate from Toastmasters, Suraasa. Her dedication and knack for delivering and innovating have led to the success of Amber IELTS.

Some of her most notable awards are as follows:

  • IELTS Trainer Visa Consultant IPublic Speaker
  • Best Emerging Entrepreneurship Award 2019
  • Women Inspiring Award in Education 2019

The main objective of the academy is to train students to clear their exams on the first attempt. For non-English medium students, the foundation course in English is also provided.

Finding Ways through Darkness

Language has always been a fortress for Mrs Insiyah. While growing up, she used to write blogs and articles, which showcased her strong hand in languages.

In the beginning, Mrs Insiyah had to face many challenges. She was on a mission to make the students ready for the international market. To make it possible, it is important to have strong connections and networking.

Slowly and steadily, Mrs Insiyah strengthened the roots of the academy. She has earned the respect and trust of the students. Her team of five people are exploring new ideas and ways to implement and enhance the services.

Irrespective of the business perspective, Mrs Insiyah has noble reasons to venture into their market. She felt the need to provide proper guidance to students coming from different social and economic backgrounds.

Noble Assistance of the Academy

The Academy does not just train students, but it helps them to find out the most suitable university according to their skills and talents. Academy has been conducting a SWOT analysis test, which highlights strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the students. This is an effective tool for being self-aware. The aptitude tests are also available for students.

One of the ups of the academy is inclusiveness. People from all backgrounds are given the same treatment and equal opportunities.

Innovation and understanding the psychology of the students and then forming the techniques help the students to obtain their desired band scores. The audio-visual method also improves the understanding level.

Apart from IELTS training and assisting in Visa procurement, students are trained for interview preparation and how to find part-time jobs in the international market.

A Prominent Educationist

Mrs Insiyah has guided students to secure admission to Cambridge and Steven’s Institute of Technology. The admission majorly depends on SOP, and Mrs Insiyah is an SOP expert. Moreover, her SOP has enabled Abbas (her son and student) to obtain a scholarship of 12000 pounds at Exeter University. A hundred per cent success ratio is her award.

In the future, Mrs Insiyah aims to expand the business by opening branches in various cities and vertically increasing the number of countries that she deals in. She aims to become an educationist rather than a businesswoman. She believes that her parameter of success is the success of her students, and thus it is important for her to establish a trustworthy brand.

Putting the Best Foot Forward

She gives important advice to the students to follow their instincts. In the current times, it is easier to get influenced and diverted by friends.

Students tend to follow the paths followed by their friends, irrespective of knowing if the path is suitable for their talents, skills and capabilities. According to Mrs Insiyah, students should seek professional help at such times.