Mr. Manish Kocher: Bridging Passion with Purpose in Education

Mr. Manish Kocher

A large portion of India’s population resides in rural areas, where a lack of opportunities has long been a persistent challenge. Access to quality education stands out as a key solution, with the power to bridge this gap and empower rural India to tap into a world of possibilities. By equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and global perspective gained through quality education, one can reach their potential and thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

One shining example of this transformative power is Thar School, Osian. Under the impeccable leadership of Mr. Manish Kocher, the school has risen to the top of the list, providing exceptional education to students in this rural region.

Mr. Manish is a seasoned businessman and fervent sports enthusiast who has always embraced every opportunity that came his way. In addition to his passion for sports, he is also deeply involved in theatre, inspired by Professor Madam Mohan Mathur. Over time, Mr. Manish’s interactions with children as a skating coach and his exposure to the theatre world began to profoundly influence his career trajectory, transitioning him from a medical businessman to an academician.

Inspired by Professor Madam Mohan Mathur, Mr. Manish pursued further studies, obtaining degrees in MA, B Ed, and D Litt. This marked the beginning of a new chapter in his life, and since then, he has never looked back. Over the last five years, Mr. Manish has been engaged with approximately five institutions—a period during which his teaching and learning capacities have flourished. This transformative journey has molded him into a completely different individual enriching his personal and professional growth.

Enriching Rural Education

At Thar School in Osian, where he currently serves as Principal, Mr. Manish is part of a unique vision and mission. The institution’s directors aspire to deliver quality education to rural India’s heartlands. Mr. Manish shares this vision passionately believing that there is a significant lack of good schools in rural areas which results in limited career opportunities for young people.

Mr. Manish’s journey as an academician has been marked by challenges and continuous learning. He firmly believes in the idea of lifelong learning, recognizing that teaching a class full of students is an enriching experience for educators themselves. He emphasizes the importance of teachers staying updated with new developments and research integrating these insights into their teaching practices.

Mr. Manish finds great satisfaction and fulfillment in reading books across various genres, seeing it as a valuable source of personal and professional growth.

Enriching Learning Experiences

At Thar School in Osian, Mr. Manish recognizes the importance of technology in education. Equipping students with digital tools enriches their learning experiences significantly. The use of digital screens at the school aids in visual and auditory learning, making it easier for students to absorb new knowledge and explore diverse avenues.

Thar School also prioritizes physical and extracurricular activities, providing students with unique platforms to compete nationally and internationally. Under Mr. Manish’s guidance, scholars from Thar School have successfully excelled in these endeavors.

Honors and Heart

Mr. Manish’s journey has been remarkably rewarding, with various recognitions and accolades arriving at his doorstep. However, he views these honors as mere physical manifestations. What truly matters and what he cherishes most is the love and respect he has garnered from his students over the last four decades. Here are some of the recognitions he has received:

  • Global Education Awards 2022: Contribution to student development.
  • Best Teacher Award 2022: Institute of Scholars, Ministry of MSME & Corporate Affairs, Government of India.
  • Felicitation by ICSI, Jodhpur chapter for four consecutive years (2020-2023).
  • Best Teacher Award 2023: Indian Shiksha Awards by Education Sensations.
  • Indian Icon Awards 2023: Outstanding Leadership – Principal of the Year.
  • International Excellence Award 2024: Innovative Principal of the Year.
  • Featured in Educador magazine as one of the top 30 educators of the year.

These accolades reflect Mr. Manish’s dedication and impact in the field of education, but his greatest achievement remains the enduring admiration and appreciation from his students throughout his career.

Believing in Every Student

As a principal, Mr. Manish believes that educators are nation builders and should uphold the values of their profession. He advocates for inclusive and experiential learning emphasizing that rote learning is outdated and that practical, hands-on learning is more effective in fostering understanding. Drawing from his background in theatre, Mr. Manish has infused creativity and engagement into teaching, making it more interesting and impactful for students

Mr. Manish recalls a significant moment from his time as a PGT (Post Graduate Teacher). A student in the 11th grade had failed, and the principal wanted to expel him from the school. However, Mr. Manish intervened and took responsibility for the student’s progress. When asked by the principal if he would resign over this decision, Mr. Manish stood by the student and provided guidance. Today, that same student has achieved success and holds a degree in B Pharma, an example to Mr. Manish’s dedication and belief in every student’s potential.

The Educator’s Role

Mr. Manish urges his colleagues and fellow educators to deeply understand the intricacies of their profession, despite the challenges of the commercial world. He poses the question to them: “Do we truly know our students? Have we engaged with them earnestly and meaningfully?” Mr. Manish emphasizes the importance of recognizing each student’s true potential and interests, advocating for efforts to identify and support those passions. He believes that once students receive this support, they will excel in their chosen paths.

According to Mr. Manish, educators should be involved in every aspect of their students’ lives, nurturing their potential with encouragement. He envisions each student as a shimmering gem, ready to shine brightly with the guidance and support of dedicated educators.