Mr Dinkar Rao:  A Visionary Leader Nurturing Genuine Success

Mr Dinkar Rao
Mr Dinkar Rao

A leader is the epitome of courage, determination, selflessness, and charisma. They inspire the youth with their compassionate and innovative thoughts, empowering perception, and experienced insights. These personalities encourage growth in others, nurturing their potential and promoting a collaborative environment.

While a significant portion of the world is captivated by the superficial allure of social media and artificial intelligence, Mr Dinkar Rao champions the idea of authentic self-improvement as the foundation for a prosperous career. He’s not just an entrepreneur; he’s a true visionary. In his words, When you cook the food with love, the taste is better; similarly, when you work with a lot of love and dedication the output of the work is better.”

Mr Dinkar Rao is a guardian of MSMEs and highlights their significant influence in the corporate world. With a heartfull of resolve, these small firms drive 50 per cent of India’s exports and contribute over 29 per cent to the nation’s pounding economic heart. A third of the nation’s manufacturing energy is also fueled with their persistent enthusiasm.

An ardent supporter, Mr Rao is aware that their path creates a more optimistic picture of India’s future.

His success checkpoints serve as the chapters of a compelling book, each telling a story of commitment, determination, and aspiration.

With his hard work, dedication, and, most importantly, his zeal to bring a change in society, he established Kabir Learning Foundation, Groval Euler’s Consulting, and Groval Selectia, leaving a lasting impression in the leadership and organizational development domains.

His ventures are all built with a unique motive, that aims to employ quality business that is beneficial for both, the service provider and the service receiver. He connects sales with spirituality and believes that spirituality and technicality both goes hand in hand.

Describing his ventures he says, “Kabir works at the soul, Groval Selectia has to do with the brain and Groval Euler’s Consulting is the heart, i.e., sales and service enablement.”

From an Engineer to a Coach

Eight years past earning a prestigious Masters in Mineral Engineering from a premier Institute, Indian School of Mine (Now IIT Dhanbad), Mr Dinkar Rao entered the field of industrial consumable sales. This exciting route turned into an information crucible that exposed the inner workings of businesses, human nature, and the complex web of trade to him. The tough nature of sales became evident to him throughout the numerous obstacles faced on his journey.

The journey involved a great deal of labour and travel, frequently to the most remote and inaccessible regions of India. It was under these difficult conditions that a passion for growing and supporting people became apparent. As the passion for developing people’s potential gained the stage, the career of a coach became clear for Mr Dinkar Rao.

After then, the trip carried on, exploring the world of self-help literature and setting the groundwork for a future journey involving coaching and training. The life-changing moment came when he was thirty-two years old and accepted a ten-year employment offer from a global consulting firm that was well-known in Sweden and rest of Europe. This was the point at which the real change started, the realization that superior sales performance was only one aspect and that leadership development was a crucial component that needed to be carefully woven into the structure of the company.

He worked with a Swedish company, followed by a move to a Danish company that specialized in leadership development. The journey ultimately came to an end with board-level consulting through a business called “Better Future,” based out of the Netherlands.

Mr Rao served as the Managing Director (Asia) with the Dutch consulting firm. Thus, the trip unfolded via multiple chapters of professional evolution and a deep commitment to encouraging growth and leadership, analogous to a magnificent journey.

A Tale of Encouragement to Fight the Hurdles

Mr Dinkar Rao discovered his passion in the fields of business development and sales, a journey he continues to this day, contributing his knowledge to these fields as well as other crafts. His deep sense of accountability serves as the foundation for his everlasting determination, even under the most trying circumstances. It’s the ultimate level of accountability for the course his life takes, free of blame or justifications.

As Mr Rao says, “So what keeps you going in tough days is accountability, highest level of accountability, which means that you are accountable for what is happening in life.” He quickly discovered that it was ineffective to blame shortcomings on outside variables like infrastructure or the caliber of the product. Personal accountability was the motivating factor instead. He chose the tough path, welcoming obstacles with open arms, between the ages of 25 and 32, while the world was shifting towards IT.

Mr Dinkar came to see that the discomfort served as a stimulus for development. It made him appreciate the possibilities and resources that came his way. Even if it seemed dazzling on the outside, the consulting career that followed involved a lot of research and introspection. However, the challenges he faced in his early career turned into a galore of possibilities. Even back when he sold Welding consumables used for reclamation, he learned the value of responsibility, excellence, and enjoying problem-solving during those early years.

Now, as he guides and mentors the younger generation, he makes sure to emphasize the significance of a strong value system learned from family and life’s situations. He has observed that those with a clear mission, whether it’s to support family, village, or fulfill responsibilities, emerge as corporate rock stars. Mr Rao strives to be an encouragement in organizations, he believes that one person can be equivalent to a hundred, learned from the profound words of Swami Vivekananda. This enduring spirit, developed during his second year, keeps him connected to the ideals of the Ramakrishna Mission and propels him forward in his mission to transform lives.

Inspiration that Inculcates Moral

Mr Dinkar Rao proves himself to be a seasoned professional. His chapter began when he commenced his consulting career at the remarkably young age of 32, which is the youngest age in the international organizations.

Dinkar’s goals are more deeply rooted in a mission to find organizational catalysts than in a self-serving quest for personal legacy. Though frequently constrained by the complex webs of office politics, there are people full of unbounded energy and potential.

Dinkar Rao’s mission also includes finding those whose development is stunted by their lack of political savvy in corporate. Mr Rao is adamant about reducing the negative impact of political dynamics, which is a difficult undertaking similar to a cricket coach trying to eradicate politics on the squad.

Mr Dinkar explains, “So my aim is to figure out such people for whom it is difficult to grow because of political reasons. The objective of my engagement is to neutralize the political dynamics as far as possible.”

Dinkar is a strong supporter of meritocracy and organizations that are politically neutral. His primary goal is to preserve the enterprise’s essential values because the very basis of success is threatened when politics meddle. The career learning foundation was established as a result of this goal, serving as a safe harbor for organizations that are politically neutral.

In an industry dominated by strategically oriented and numbers-oriented businesses, there aren’t many consulting firms that dare to follow the road of political agnosticism and are dedicated to the pure facts. He finds inspiration in the legendary weaver-poet and revolutionary Kabir, who overcame adversity to change the world. His affinity for music and his training under a seasoned Sufi singer strengthened his bond with Kabir’s profound ideas.

Two pivotal transitions define his journey. The first, inspired by the indomitable Swami Vivekananda, served as a beacon of resilience. The second transformation occurred at the age of 35, when he discovered the profound wisdom of Kabir Das, leading to the inception of the Kabir Learning Foundation. This monumental endeavor birthed Groval Euler’s, dedicated to numerical objectives, and Groval Selectia, entrusted with strategic aims.

Mr Dinkar Rao’s mission resonates not only with organizations but also with society at large, addressing fundamental issues alongside the grander challenges faced by the corporate world. In his pursuit, he seeks to uncover the diamonds within, whose brilliance can illuminate and elevate both individual lives and the organizations they serve.

Building a Holistic Network

Mr Rao’s network extends from the smallest businesses—just a few—to massive international conglomerates through Groval Selectia and Grove Euler’s. Working with MSMEs appeals to him since they are tiny, nimble businesses that can quickly adjust and negotiate the always changing spectrum.

The COVID-19 pandemic era’s currents exposed an important fact: small enterprises weren’t discouraged by the turbulent times from utilizing coaching and consulting. In reality, his coaching approach reached its prime expression during this furnace of change, spurred on by MSMEs.

The compass of Mr Dinkar Rao is firmly oriented towards two guiding lights. The first exudes the wisdom of Swami Vivekananda, who said, “People who have strong faith. The world will get one hundred of these.”

Dreams to be Achieved

Many reputed media houses have honored Mr Rao with awards and recognitions and companies put him on advisory boards. He puts light on the situation in the job sector. If a person is desperate to be in to Microsoft or Shell India might not get the job, but MSME searches for sensible employees who is in search of job. In fact, they employ 11 crore people. He shares his dream, “At the end of the day, I aim to build politically immune and growth-oriented algorithms, those who give importance to growth than petty politics. This is my dream.”

Mr Dinkar Rao is an incredibly empathetic and passionate individual. He is a dreamer who is motivated by an intense sense of responsibility and an unshakable drive for excellence. His dedication to developing potential and encouraging growth is truly inspiring.