Maharashtra Government: Complete Academic Fee Exemption for Girls from Families with Incomes of Rs 8 lakh or less

Maharashtra Government
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Discussing how countries like Germany, Japan, Israel, etc., anticipate skilled manpower from India, Bais emphasized the need for universities to offer skill-based and job-oriented courses. He also directed Vice-Chancellors to adopt ten villages within their university’s jurisdiction to contribute to academic and social development in rural areas.

The Maharashtra government has approved a complete waiver of academic fees for girls from families with a total income of rupees Eight lakh or less. The state will reimburse the entire amount, with the aim of encouraging higher enrolment of girls in higher education. The announcement was made by Maharashtra’s Minister of Higher and Technical Education, Chandrakant Patil, during a meeting of the Joint Board of Vice-Chancellors (JBVC). The existing 50 percent academic fee waiver for this category has now been extended to a full 100 percent. Patil urged universities to promote increased female admissions across various fields and emphasized the importance of timely result declarations, instructing Vice-Chancellors to conduct special campaigns for this purpose.

Governor of Maharashtra, Ramesh Bais, serving as Chancellor to all state universities, emphasized the importance of timely result declarations during the JBVC meeting. He urged all Vice-Chancellors to ensure prompt results to prevent students from missing out on academic years or job opportunities. Governor Bais had previously reprimanded universities for delayed results, asserting that Vice-Chancellors would be held accountable for any delays in result declarations and the distribution of mark sheets.

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