Jumpstart International Preschool and Learning Center: Assisting Children to Take the First Ideal Step

Jumpstart International Preschool
Jumpstart International Preschool and Learning Center

Children are better able to fulfil their full developmental potential as adults and engage in economic, social, and civic life when they are healthy, safe, and learning well in their early years. This factor makes it important for parents to find a good preschool for their kids. Good early education schools offer large play areas as they foster a child-friendly environment in which young students can thrive.

Jumpstart International Preschool, which possesses all these qualities, has been in the field of early childhood education since 2009, starting with one centre in Pune, which has now reached seven centres across the country. The mission of the school is to focus on the holistic growth and development of children and provide quality education in a safe and nurturing environment where they are comfortable learning.

The preschool has a team of highly motivated individuals, managing the most preferred chain of preschools in early childhood education by engaging the children in experiential learning and with the usage of the latest technology. The school partners with parents and treat them as active participants in the development of children, resulting in the creation of an unyielding foundation for children to carve out their future.

It helps parents to maximize their child’s potential in their early years by giving them an environment where children flourish to create future leaders who are curious, empathetic, inclusive, communicative and have acceptance.

Integrated Development of Children

The preschool has a 360 Degree Program. It believes that every child has infinite potential within them, and it can be actualized by introducing and exposing children to as many varied and multitude of age-appropriate activities as possible.

The 360-degree program, which is a full-day preschool, encourages the child to indulge in activities encompassing all the different types of nine intelligence. These innovative and uniquely designed activities result in the integrated and holistic development of the child.

Diverse Hands-on Experiences

The preschool also focuses on providing experiential learning. It ensures that preschool education is all about experiences. The school has 60+ experiential events conducted throughout the year to give diverse and assorted hands-on experiences to children.

Each event is minutely crafted and well planned and ensures that children learn by actually doing, which accumulates learning across various themes and topics. Hands-on learning allows them to experience and learn concepts firsthand through various activities, observations and interactions.

Flawless Staff Care

The preschool believes in upscaling the team. At Jumpstart, it is vital to put much effort into grooming, upskilling and training the team because the school believes that without the right team, nothing can get into practice. The school also invests in intensive staff training every month for each centre.

The teaching philosophy of the preschool is based on experiential learning, and the preschool also has a healthy mix of Play Way, Montessori, Multiple Intelligence, Project and Glenn Doman methods. The preschool program schedule is well planned with minute details keeping in mind the holistic growth and development of children.

Keeping the Quality Intact

The quality assurance team of the school makes regular visits to each centre to ensure that premium quality is maintained across all the centres and all its standard operating procedures are well followed. Jumpstart International Preschool also has active participation of parent partners where; they come for committee visits and give guidelines and suggestions to the school as the school strongly believes in partnering with parents closely.

The preschool also has an open-door policy where parents can walk in at any time to any of the centres, which ensures the right quality is maintained at any minute of time. It also invests a lot in training the entire team to be aligned with its mission of helping parents maximize their child’s potential in the early years. This ensures that the entire team is working towards one common goal of providing quality education.

Complying With Adversities

The COVID-19 pandemic was a major challenge wherein the school had to shift from physical schooling to online ways. But with a highly motivated team who was all ready to take on any challenge to provide quality education to the children even during those trying times, Jumpstart International Preschool was able to succeed with flying colours through its virtual Learn from Home program, which ensured proper on-boarding of its parent partners through orientation and minute details.

Prioritizing the Educational Quality

Maintaining the same quality of education across all centres is another challenge that the school overcomes through close and continuous monitoring by its quality assurance team and management.

The preschool also puts much effort into training the team through monthly meetings, which keeps them motivated and also leads to effective cross-sharing of practices across all the centres.

The preschool also makes an effort to ensure that parents become active partners in the child’s growth and development by involving them in many activities at school, parent partnership events and parenting workshops and seminars.

Bringing Diverse Cultures Under One Roof

Jumpstart International Preschool is very open to different nationalities and people to come and be a part of the Jumpstart family. This is at all levels, be it caregivers, teams, children or parents.

The preschool is also very inclusive in terms of special education, where differently abled children are also a part of its regular classrooms. The school proudly includes everyone irrespective of gender, nationalities, caste and abilities.

Well-crafted Curriculum

STEM-based learning is incorporated very well through Jumpstart International Preschool’s experiential events. It is also a part of the school activities under the readiness planner, where these four stations of science, technology, engineering and math are kept in different corners for children to explore and engage.

The preschool also has projects where everything is woven together. It is also part of the Learning Center activities, where different labs are designed for different learnings.

The preschool encompasses a plethora of activities right, from music, dance, art, sports, et. The 360-degree program, which is its unique program, ensures that everything is well crafted with minute detailing and woven beautifully together under a single program.

The program is a mix of multiple intelligence activities like active sports, Lego education, music and moment, foreign language, speech and drama, culinary, sensorial, physical, nature and creative activities.

Spreading Goodness

The preschool believes in spreading goodness and also believes that if you are doing something really good, it should spread far and beyond. It envisions that at least one lakh children should be able to experience the goodness that Jumpstart has to offer, and that is why the school is aiming to spread across different cities in the country.

It started with Pune and has now expanded to Bangalore and plans to step in other cities like Hyderabad, Jaipur, Dehradun etc. In the coming future, the preschool also envisions having an extension of a high school as well. The preschool believes that it is not here to stop until it is proud!

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