Indian Universities Will Accept Applications Twice Year Beginning in 2024–2025


Universities in India will soon be allowed to offer admissions twice a year, aligning with the admission practices of foreign institutions, according to University Grants Commission (UGC) chief Jagadesh Kumar. Starting from the 2024-25 session, biannual admissions will take place in July-August and January-February.

Kumar highlighted that this change will allow industries to conduct campus recruitment twice a year, thereby enhancing employment opportunities. This new system of biannual admissions aims to better align India’s higher education framework with global standards.

The revised admission schedule will enable different batches of students to graduate at various times throughout the year, making it easier for them to join and complete their desired courses without having to wait for the next academic year. This also benefits industries, which can plan their recruitment processes more efficiently and prioritize accordingly.

This modern approach facilitates continuous learning and allows a larger number of students from across the country to complete their courses without losing time. Many foreign universities already follow this practice, which supports year-round learning and a steady influx of candidates and skilled workforce. This initiative is one of several modern reforms designed to attract more candidates and ensure a consistent supply of skilled professionals to the industry.

The new method will see different batches of the students passing at different time slots of the year making it easier for the students to join and complete their desired courses than waiting for the next year. The industry too will be ready for their recruitment process and can prioritize the planning accordingly. This modern approach will enable a large number of students from different parts of the country to complete their courses conveniently without losing time.

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