Indian Government Launches New Study-in India Portal for International Students


The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, according to Education Minister Pradhan, directs the portal and demonstrates the government’s commitment to making India a “preferred education destination as well as to blur academic boundaries for shaping a prosperous future.”

The Study In India (SII) platform, which will offer a comprehensive one-stop solution for the student registration and visa application procedure, was inaugurated by the government on Thursday.

The portal was introduced by union education minister Dharmendra Pradhan and union external affairs minister S Jaishankar with the goal of making India a global centre for education by embracing students from various backgrounds.

Jaishankar added that the portal will assist the nation in creating a strong international brand for India in the field of education while addressing the audience.

“I take note of the portal’s integrated design, which makes it possible for overseas students to apply in a user-friendly manner from registration to visa acceptance. This streamlines [their] entire process, making it easier for them to select their preferred courses and receive offers from pertinent universities, he said.

The presence of overseas students, he continued, will also benefit local students by bringing them closer to a globalised environment and better preparing them for a global job.

“It will better prepare students for the global job by bringing the globalising world closer to them. Studying with students from different nations helps you gain a better understanding of their cultures, customs, traditions, and even ways of thinking, according to the external affairs minister.

“Such students truly become ambassadors of goodwill for India when they return to their societies of origin, sometimes even more so,” he continued.

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