India: A Top Edtech Hub for Tech and Talent, says Anthology Global CEO


India holds a significant position in the global edtech landscape, according to Bruce Dahlgren, the CEO of US-based Anthology, a global edtech company. Anthology operates in 80 countries and serves 150 million consumers worldwide. The company has been present in India since 2000, with offices in Bengaluru and Chennai.

Dahlgren emphasized the importance of India as a key market for Anthology, highlighting that more than 25% of the company’s employees are Indian. He praised India’s role in driving innovation and shaping the future of edtech, stating that many innovative concepts in the sector originate from the country.

Anthology’s Chief Digital Officer and President in India, Raj Mruthyunjayappa, emphasized India’s potential for exponential growth in higher education, driven by factors such as increased student enrollment. He emphasized the pivotal role of technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), in supporting this growth.

Dahlgren, drawing on his three decades of experience in B2B software, highlighted the central role of AI in the edtech space. He explained that AI is being used to assist professors in their research and to improve communication between universities and students.

Addressing concerns about the rapid advancement of AI in education, Dahlgren expressed the belief that AI will prepare students for the workforce and bring people closer together, transforming traditional notions of intelligence and education.

Anthology’s CEO, who recently assumed the role, stated that he was appointed to scale the business by the company’s private equity investor. Veritas and Leeds are the majority owners of Anthology, with Providence Equity Partners LLC holding a minority stake following its merger with edtech software and solutions company Blackboard.

Overall, Dahlgren’s comments underscore India’s significance in the global edtech landscape and the transformative role of technology, particularly AI, in the education sector.

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