IMMUNO LIFE’s Commitment to Health and Wellness: Health Guardian and Immunity’s Best Friend

Punam Gupta
Punam Gupta

“At IMMUNO LIFE, we begin a journey to make India healthier, where stronger immunity enriches lives and longevity becomes a shared wealth.” Our founder, a leading entrepreneur and social worker, Punam Gupta, envisions a healthier India with the mantra ‘Fit India & Happy Farmer.’ Let’s dive deeper to know more about her venture and her mission.

Having approximately twenty-five years of experience as a food nutritionist and a top FOSTAC trainer, Punam Gupta was very concerned about the poor health and diet routine of Indian citizens. During the COVID-19 era, the consequences were extreme, where respiratory tract infections, colds, asthma, and viral infections were common. The director of IMMUNO LIFE, a well-known humanitarian-Punam Gupta, was hearted and deeply touched seeing the health anxiety.

However, the idea of IMMUNO was established before, and several products were tested earlier, but the official launch of the venture was held on 22 May 2020. Punam Gupta was committed to reformation, where every citizen of our country would have good immunity and power to fight against infectious viruses and diseases, and the upcoming generations in India would prioritize maintaining good health. That’s where IMMUNO comes in, making revolutionary changes with its product launches, such as several Ayurvedic, beauty, vet, and pet food supplements.

The Alarming Covid Era and Social Worker Punam Gupta’s Stand

We shall never forget the terrible effects of the COVID-19 pandemic when everyone felt forlorn. However, the social worker Punam Gupta “left no stone unturned” even during the worst. Supporting the “IMMUNO LIFE,” several revolutionary products were crafted to assist individuals in fending off viral effects and infections and bolstering their immune systems. Tulsi Nasya Inhaler was one of the groundbreaking respiratory viral detoxifiers that helped thousands of individuals fight viral, fungal, and bacterial respiratory infections.

The inhaler was uniquely made with loaded features compared to other inhalers or breath-refreshing products. The best thing is that there are no adverse effects, and the product is simple to bring wherever you go. The Tulsi Nasya Inhaler became highly popular during the COVID-19 era. It is an Ayurvedic product with natural ingredients that help reduce respiratory tract infections and protect the nose and lungs, preventing cough and side effects of chemical inhalers that cause no eye irritation.

To successfully surpass the pandemic, Punam Gupta led several events and steps to ensure the safety of citizens. Following one of her events, she donated 20 PPE kits, 3000 face masks, and 100 Immuno Tulsi Nasya Inhalers to the frontline warriors (whose lives were at risk) at the local police station to ensure their safety. The event was held under the supervision of Social Worker Punam Gupta, who distributed the essentials to Sirmaur Police (SP). FSSAI awarded her the 2nd Best FoSTaC Trainer for her recognizable social support.

About the Author

Punam Gupta is a renowned name in entrepreneurship in India and globally. She completed her post-graduation with Computer Science and Food Nutrition, Mass Communication, Journalism, and LLB diplomas. She is the Director of IMMUNO LIFE Pvt. Ltd., Octa Life Sciences Founder, Quality Services and Training Pvt. Ltd., and the President of the Together We Can Foundation, an NGO. This aspiring personality has received numerous awards and accolades in her more than two-and-a-half decades of professional and entrepreneurial career.

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