HSC Board Exam Answer Sheet Matter Resolved in a Meeting with Education Minister

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After a meeting with the Maharashtra State Junior College Teachers Federation, State Education Minister Deepak Kesarkar agreed to their demands. Consequently, the federation has decided to end the boycott on the examination of answer sheets for the ongoing Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exams. This resolution was conveyed by Dr. Sanjay Shinde, the president of the federation.

The meeting was attended by senior officials including Ranjitsingh Deol, the Chief Education Secretary of Maharashtra; Suraj Mandhare, the Education Commissioner; Tushar Mahajan, Joint Secretary, and others. On behalf of the federation, Coordinator Professor Mukund Andhalkar, General Secretary Professor Santosh Fasge, and others were also present.

“In today’s meeting, consensus was reached that the orders issued by the Government of Maharashtra regarding the implementation of the old pension scheme for junior college teachers will be applicable. Therefore, the old pension scheme has been extended to those who advertised before November 1, 2005, and joined the service later. The government is also inclined to implement the old pension scheme for those who joined the service after November 1, 2005, and a decision will be announced soon,” stated Kesarkar.

Teachers will receive equivalent benefits to government employees, and an order addressing the arrears of 253 teachers will be issued soon with the approval of the finance department. The matter of obtaining the pay scale for recognized Information Technology (IT) teachers has been unresolved since 2001. To address this, a decision has been taken to adjust recognized teachers in vacant positions, taking into consideration their educational qualifications. The adjustment process is expected to be completed within 60 days.