Hetal Sheth: Leveraging Superlative Interior Design Facilities

Hetal Sheth
Hetal Sheth

The interior design sector is flourishing as a result of an expanding clientele. Interior designers, one of India’s most creative professionals, are following their passions along with catering to a dynamic industry. From creating floor plans, and 3D sketches, to models for interior development, interior designers play a crucial role in fulfilling the aspect of contemporary living. Also, these aspects are later employed by builders or property developers; in short, interior designers are the building blocks of modern architectural spaces.

With expanding trends in the interior design industry globally, the work description of an interior designer is evolving daily. Every residential or commercial interior project, including private residences, spas, furniture exhibitions, offices, retail establishments, etc., is expected of interior designers in terms of conception, planning, and execution.

These days, people demand clever places that are also comfortable. Furthermore, the tastes of today’s youth have evolved to the point that they prefer modern, compact homes where they may express their own unique decorating style. To address such demands with space usage, building technology, eco-friendly/green materials, regulations and building ordinances, growth patterns, customer behaviour, etc., interior designers are more necessary than ever.

In Mumbai, EASE Interior Designers is a reputable design company that specialises in both interior design and architecture. The company was founded in 1997, and its Chief Designers, Mr Jay Sheth and Mrs Hetal Sheth Patel, successfully oversee the interior designing portion of the business.

The design approaches of this firm are stylish, conceptualised, innovative, and appealing in order to satisfy the needs and preferences of its clients while staying within their means. Born in Mumbai in a family of Building and Civil Contractors and a working mom, Mrs Hetal Sheth Patel has played an instrumental role in making EASE Interior Designers what it is today.

A choice of career as an Interior Designer was a natural transition for Hetal. Having excelled every year in art, drawing, and handicraft and winning all international competitions at school were a norm for her. Everything related to colours, shapes, forms, and numbers were the only thing that used to interest her as a child.

Hetal was deeply influenced by the family talks of designing, detailing and building space. Growing up seeing samples and brochures of marble, wood, and colours around her, she unconsciously got pulled towards designing.

Beginning of the Journey

Hetal joined an Interior design firm at the early age of 16 years and, side by side, got formally educated by Rachana Sansad for two years in Interior Design a year as well as in Applied Art. By the time she finished college, she already had many personal interior projects in her portfolio. So, it was more of onsite work experience than on paper.

She got acquainted with a fellow senior interior designer Jay Sheth (and now her late husband), at the same designing firm, and eventually both started a firm, Ease Interior Designers, in 1997. Though, they both had the rule to handle individual projects from start to end with creative inputs from each other.

Today, the Principal Designer and Co-founder of EASE Interior Designers, Hetal Jay Sheth, is a famous name in the world of Interior Designers.

PAN India Services

Hetal’s 27-year-old firm provides Luxury Interior Design Services in PAN India. Having successfully finished more than 3Lakh+ sqft of work on residences, bungalows, offices, jewellery showrooms and shops, EASE Interior Designers is a trusted and reliable brand thanks to Hetal’s abled leadership and dedication.

Hetal was awarded this year, 2023, by the Governor of Maharashtra for HighEnd Luxury Interior Designers in Mumbai. She has been published in many Interior Magazines including Society Interiors, House Layouts, etc., and Newspapers such as MidDay, Mumbai Samachar, etc., won many awards like Wow Awards 2016, Asia’s 100 Influential Women 2023 and has been featured in many print media. Hetal received many of recognition since the tender age of 19 years old. This goes to show her capability and competency in such a demanding role.

Shelling Out more Personalised Projects

The only mission for EASE Interior Designers, every time a project comes in, is to provide a facility which is best in design yet functional and chic looking and surpasses its best work each time.

Hetal envisions her firm topping the game and shelling out more personalised and functional designer projects, and becoming a more prominent name in the world of Interior Designing.

Keeping the Uniqueness Intact

The USP of the firm is that it doesn’t repeat its designs, and none of its works has had a similar concept or look in the past 27 years. All projects are unique and rich in detail, with every inch of space utilised smartly and reflecting the client’s personal essence too.

Hetal asserts, “No two projects will or have ever looked similar yet have that touch of EASE.”

The firm is very conscious about giving quality work given in promised time limits.

Also, the purchase collaboration of EASE with major international brands like Vissionaire, Casa Bocadolobo, Baxter etc., promises international standards with an Indian touch.

Expanding the Territory

Everybody likes growth, and so does this firm. Having successfully done projects in PAN India but more in the west of India, the company would like to expand in the east and south of India too. It is looking for an expansion in international territory too.

Striking the Right Balance Between Personal and Professional Life

Taking small travel breaks and exploring nature gives that virility and a fresh mind approach to the creative work that EASE does, so Hetal does that very often. She believes it is more important than the number of hours being put into the work. What matters to her is the efforts that were invested in completing the work.

So, there is a chilled-out atmosphere at the studio unless the team needs to finish deadlines and handovers of projects which are chaotic.

It’s definitely challenging for her to juggle between home, a demanding, specially-abled cerebral palsy son as well a young daughter, that too having lost her better half in work and life before six months. But balance is an art, and that comes naturally to her. She believes if one does two things perfectly right in a day, that person is an achiever and can sleep peacefully.