Hero Vired introduces a cybersecurity credential program.

Hero Vired
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An educational technology company called Hero Vired has launched a certificate program called Cybersecurity Essentials and Risk Assessment. According to an official statement, the company claims that the curriculum is painstakingly created to enhance careers in the cybersecurity industry, meeting the growing need for qualified individuals as India prioritizes cybersecurity expertise.

Vired’s extensive six-month program explores every aspect of IT infrastructure, looking for weaknesses in networks, websites, apps, systems, and cloud settings. The announcement stated that during the course, students will become proficient in a wide range of tools that are crucial for cybersecurity, such as Python, Bash programming, Assembly Language, Wireshark, Aircrack, Kali Linux (OS), and Burp Suite.

Our curriculum is a ground-breaking move in creating a pool of knowledgeable experts ready to safeguard the country’s digital future. The flexibility of edtech platforms will be essential in the current fast-paced digital ecosystem to quickly adapt to the changing skill needs of sectors. said Hero Vired’s founder and CEO, Akshay Munjal.

This is intended to give students a comprehensive grasp of potential cyberthreats and a well-rounded skill set to address changing cybersecurity concerns.
Apart from imparting technical knowledge, the curriculum seeks to offer an international viewpoint on cybersecurity regulations and administration. With this deeper comprehension, students can develop into practical cybersecurity specialists who can handle problems on a global basis.

Additionally, according to a recent analysis by Primus Partners, there is a growing need for diversified roles in technology, with Web3 projected to create 2.2 million employment in India by 2032.

During the certification program, students will take part in over ten case studies and industry simulation projects, attend over five masterclasses with prominent figures in the field, and complete a three-week capstone project. The project is relevant to the industry and aims to give participants practical experience in the cybersecurity field. It further stated that participants have the option to obtain a second Microsoft Azure Certification, which will increase their employability and industry recognition.

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