Happy Saturdays Initiative for students’ well being to be Implemented in Government Schools


The Education Department plans to implement “Happy Saturdays” in Government schools for students in grades one through eight, aiming to enhance their well-being and skill development. This program, named AIIMS, seeks to improve students’ mental health and provide them with crucial life skills alongside their academic curriculum. Education Commissioner Suraj Mandhare highlights the significance of practical skills in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications. Mandhare emphasizes that it has long been a shortcoming that students were not exposed to life skills during their gradual learning in school.

This initiative aims to significantly reduce the prevalence of mental health issues by introducing various life skills to help students effectively manage their challenges. Aligned with the national education policy, the program addresses the increasing mental health concerns among young learners by offering engaging activities to combat stress and anxiety. “Happy Saturdays” will feature activities such as Pranayama, disaster management training, dance performances, and health awareness sessions. Additionally, students will participate in sessions focusing on road safety, problem-solving, creativity, sports, and mindfulness, fostering a comprehensive skill set.

Deputy Secretary Tushar Mahajan, in a notification issued by the education department, stated that the primary goal of “Happy Saturdays” is to cultivate a supportive environment for students to excel academically and nurture essential life skills for personal growth.

By instilling these values from an early stage, the program seeks to equip students with the ability to navigate challenges successfully and lead fulfilling lives both within and beyond the confines of the classroom. This initiative is tailored to decrease dropout rates and academic setbacks by prioritizing mental well-being and enhancing academic performance. State and state board schools will hold weekly “Happy Saturdays” activities for designated classes, with a focus on nurturing qualities such as cooperation and leadership.

Guidelines have been drafted by Mandhare and MSCERT, enabling students to participate in a wide array of activities aimed at promoting well-being, skill development, and a positive learning environment.