Gujarat Education Minister Inaugurated Online Platform Shiksha Reform

Shiksha Reform
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In a significant step towards modernizing education, Gujarat’s Minister of State for Education, Praful Pansheriya, inaugurated the online learning platform, Shiksha Reform, in Surat on Monday. The launch ceremony, held at The Amore Hotel, was attended by noted educationist Deepak Rajguru, as well as trustees and principals from prominent schools.

Also present at the event were Kimmo Nikkanen from Finland’s Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and educationist Antti Isovita. Minister Praful Pansheriya highlighted the importance of integrating technology into education, emphasizing the rapid global shift towards digitalization.

Shiksha Reform, a collaborative initiative with Microsoft and a leading Finnish university, is poised to deliver high-quality courses. With experienced and highly qualified instructors, the platform aims to revolutionize education, particularly in technology. Co-founders Rajiv Soni and Paresh Chalodiya mentioned that the platform offers short-term courses in cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity in partnership with Microsoft and the Finnish university.

Students can enroll in various courses on the online platform for a nominal fee. Shiksha Reform’s partners, Ankur Patel and Umesh Bardoliwala, highlighted a unique feature of their platform: the provision of European Credits for students, which can be beneficial for those seeking educational opportunities in Finland and Europe.

Shiksha Reform empowers students with essential technological skills, providing a significant boost to their careers. The platform’s Skills for Jobs program offers learning paths to students, technology professionals, and others interested in enhancing their tech skills.

The courses offered by Shiksha Reform are curated by leading corporations and universities and feature state-of-the-art study material. Moreover, students have lifelong access to their courses without any time or other constraints, as informed by Hatim Fathulla, Chief Strategy Officer.

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