Govt-aided Schools to Appoint English Teachers on Period Basis

aided Schools

This academic year, English teacher positions in government and aided schools will be determined based on the number of periods. The Cabinet has also approved temporary daily-wage appointments for HST English teachers if needed.

Temporary appointments will only be made after reassigning government school teachers who lose their posts due to excess staffing. These teachers will be moved to schools with vacant positions. Similarly, in aided schools, temporary appointments will be made only after reallocating teachers from the same management who have lost their posts and those eligible for appointments according to norms.

The decision to appoint English teachers in high schools was influenced by a High Court verdict, driven by the desire to avoid contempt of court action. However, candidates are preparing to challenge this decision in court.

On Wednesday, the Cabinet decided to create high school English teacher posts in government and aided schools temporarily, based on staff fixation for this academic year. In government schools, the additional posts will first be filled by English high school teachers who lost their positions due to division fall, with remaining posts filled by daily-wage teachers. In aided schools, additional posts will first be filled by teachers who lost their positions during division fall under the same management and protected teachers in other schools, before making daily-wage appointments to the remaining posts.

In March, the Kerala High Court set a four-week deadline for the appointment of permanent English teachers in high schools. According to the Kerala Education Rules, English should be taught as a language in government and aided schools. However, instead of making permanent appointments, daily-wage appointments are being made.

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