Faculty of Architecture, Sri Sri University: Harmonizing Eastern Wisdom with Western Innovations

Sri Sri University
Sri Sri University

Architecture, as both an art and a science, plays a pivotal role in shaping the world. The field of architecture education equips aspiring architects with the knowledge, skills, and creative mindset necessary to design sustainable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing built environments. In today’s rapidly changing world, the relevance and importance of architecture education have only grown, encompassing various critical aspects of society.

With pressing global challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, and population growth, the need for sustainable and resilient architecture has never been more crucial. Architecture education instils an understanding of sustainable design principles, energy-efficient practices, and the use of eco-friendly materials. Architects trained in these principles are equipped to create structures that minimise environmental impact, maximise energy efficiency, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

This education equips aspiring architects with the knowledge, skills, and vision to design sustainable, inclusive, and technologically advanced built environments. Architecture education embraces the challenges of the current time, such as sustainability, resilience, and cultural sensitivity, while also promoting collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches. By shaping the future of cities and communities, architecture education plays an instrumental role in creating a more sustainable, functional, and beautiful world for generations to come.

In the current scenario, the importance of universities nurturing architecture professionals also must be considered. In these universities, through rigorous coursework, design studios, and hands-on projects, students are encouraged to explore their creative potential and develop a unique design identity.

The Faculty of Architecture, Sri Sri University, was established with the same goal in the year 2015 with the blessings of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar ji and had an affiliation with the Council of Architecture. Since then, there has been no looking back. The department is all set and equipped for its onward progressive journey.

Evolving as an Eminent School

The vision of the university is to evolve as an eminent School of Architecture in the country, blending the traditional knowledge systems of the East and the cutting-edge technology of the West, thereby delivering the best of the East and the West. The university aims to impart holistic value-based education to create socially responsible and environmentally conscious individuals with a motto to learn, lead and serve society.

The mission of the university is to create a student-centric vibrant environment where students can enhance their creative potential with a research-oriented and innovative mindset, to nurture the talent and make them industry-aligned and future-ready, to impart knowledge on sustainable and indigenous technologies, heritage and culture to the next generation of architects and designers in order to honour the environment and culture and live in harmony with nature and society.

Cohesive Team to Build Future-ready Students

The success of the Faculty of Architecture is due to the cohesive team of enthusiastic faculty members led by the current Dean and Head, Prof. Ar. Rajkunwar Nayak. The Faculty of Architecture has won many awards and accolades in various student activities like Zo Nasa, Transparence, Design Competitions, etc. Academic – Industry interface enables industry-oriented education and helps the students become future-ready.

Faculty of Architecture has signed a host of MoUs with renowned organisations and institutions for knowledge sharing and industry orientation.

Restructuring to Overcome Challenges 

The entire teaching–learning process has been restructured post COVID-19 pandemic. One-way blackboard teaching has been replaced by a participatory approach with global exposure through the blended mode of the teaching-learning process.

Post-covid resuming normal classes was a challenging phase where the continuous lockdowns had pulled down the enthusiasm amongst the students. Bringing back the students to normalcy and bringing back the energy and vigour which is very much required for Architectural Education was one of the most challenging situations.

Besides this, evolving pedagogy for the new mode of teaching was experimental and challenging in nature. But the university has successfully crossed this crucial phase and continuing its journey forward.

A range of student activities such as field visits, industry visits, case studies, students’ exhibitions, webinars, guest lecturers from Architects of National and International repute, hands-on workshops, study tours and heritage walks, happiness connect programs and sports events have been organised successfully by the university, making the campus environment vibrant and energetic.

Leaving Long-lasting Footprints

Some of the major awards and accolades of the Faculty of Architecture are as follows:

  • CoA – Award for Heritage Documentation
  • IIA Award of Appreciation for the Eastern Regional Conference 2022
  • IGBC & CII – Green Champion Award
  • MoHUA & GIZ – Rachana Award
  • Transperence 17.0 – Best Studio Project Award
  • Capricot Technologies – DesignAddvance Award
  • Saint Gobain – Certificate of Recognition.
  • Eight MoUs
  • International Collaborations
  • Industry Academia Interface
  • Top 40 Schools of Architecture as per IIRF ranking.

Creating a Harmoniously Built Environment

The university advises the students to be more focused on achieving their goals, be innovative in their design thinking and adopt sustainable technologies to create a harmoniously built environment for the future.

There is tremendous demand in the industry for skilled architects. The university intends to align its entire education system with the new National Education Policy and make architectural education more skill-based and multi-disciplinary. Being a university, Sri Sri University offers a varied choice of electives and certificate courses on the latest software and specialised subjects for students of Architecture. It also intends to introduce a master’s program and open up opportunities for higher learning. Research-based activities are encouraged to scale up further the Faculty of Architecture at Sri Sri University.

Sri Sri University is a 188-acre safe and green university with a focus on Indian Knowledge Systems, Innovative Technologies and Sustainable Development as its Institutional Pedagogy.

The University believes in harmonising Eastern Wisdom with Western Innovations.

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