DYPU School of Public Health, Nerul Navi, Mumbai, Providing Enhanced Career and Placement Opportunities in Healthcare

Dr. Shaveta Menon

Crafting Personalized Education Experience

Collaborations and co-partnerships in public health are seen as critical components with an increased emphasis on research and development. The School of Public Health is aligned with industry experts from various civil society and government organizations to curate the internships for the students and make them a more personalized experience rather than a credit-based exercise only.

These involvements are essential for the student’s future growth and the community’s welfare. The industries of interest are profiled as per their skill set by the coordinator or the associate coordinator of the Career and Placement Cell at the school level. Each organization’s single point of contact is then identified, making the process more academic, mutual, and collaborative.

The public health curriculum is also revised and updated based on the market demands in the field of public health with input from industry experts. This connection with industry is highly instrumental in achieving the larger goal of upgrading the students’ skills and making them placement-ready. Our connections with these leading organizations have also resulted in collaborative efforts in research and field-based projects.

The experts from different specializations in the field of public health interact with students during guest lectures they deliver to explain the nuances of the field practice. This exercise is extremely helpful in creating a pool of well-informed public health professionals with competent skills who are placement-ready.

The school works with various organizations working in the field of public health, be they multinational corporations venturing into the area, civil society organizations, academic partnerships, government-led industry, or organizations. This web of networks and training has provided employment opportunities to students in organizations such as IIPH Gandhinagar, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Tata Cancer Centre, and organizations associated with the state and governments in various capacities.

Since public health is highly sought, multiple scholarships are available for professionals in early careers for their training.

Some organizations that the students work with during or after their degree have an international outreach that provides a global experience in public health. From early to mid-careers, their employees are sent for training in their international offices, translated into the Indian context. This training also allows the employees to network with their contemporaries from across the globe.

A few Adjunct faculty members working with the School of Public Health belong to Public Health Universities of reputation worldwide, such as McGill University, Canada. Considering students’ research areas and interests, they guide the students through full-time faculty in the school for fully funded doctoral programs worldwide.

About the Author

Dr. Shaveta Menon, Assistant Professor at DYPU School of Public Health, Nerul Navi, Mumbai, holds a doctorate from the Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health, Jawaharlal Nehru University.