During the meeting of Vice Chancellors, the Bihar Governor Criticized the Behaviour of the Education Department

Bihar Governor
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Bihar Governor Rajendra Arlekar accused officials from the education department of obstructing the regularization of academic sessions in state universities. He made these remarks while presiding over a meeting of Vice Chancellors from various universities in the state, who voiced concerns about the lack of cooperation from the education department. The Vice Chancellors highlighted that the department’s decision to freeze the bank accounts of the universities had adversely impacted the timely conduct of examinations and evaluation of answer scripts. This action was taken by the department after most Vice Chancellors failed to attend a review meeting last month.

“The department has no right to order freezing of universities’ accounts. At the most, it can recommend such action based on which the Chancellor may pass an appropriate order,” the Vice Chancellors informed the Governor.

The Governor of Bihar serves as the ex-officio Chancellor of state-run universities. During the meeting, Vice Chancellors also accused the education department of engaging in a smear campaign on social media, insinuating that the Raj Bhavan and the Vice Chancellors were obstructing the department’s efforts to enhance higher education. They claimed that over the past year, classes had been conducted regularly and exams had been held on schedule, which seemed to be at odds with the education department’s agenda. The Governor expressed concern that officials from the Bihar education department appeared intent on undermining the progress made in regularizing academic sessions, despite the positive outcomes achieved thus far.

“This would only lead to a return of the education system to the past sorry state. Proper coordination between the department and Raj Bhavan is essential for improving the state’s education scenario,” he said.

The Governor assured the Vice Chancellors that their concerns would be addressed and encouraged them to prioritize the well-being of the students.

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