Dr Samrat Ray: Blending International Experience with a Deep-Rooted Passion for Nurturing Students

Dr Samrat Ray
Dr Samrat Ray

The world of business is in a state of perpetual transformation. In the current era of digital innovation, worldwide connectivity, and quickly changing sectors, the expectations placed on business professionals are shifting. As a result, business education is advancing to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and adaptability they need to thrive in this new business environment.

Dr Samrat Ray, a distinguished academic and visionary leader, has left an enduring mark on the world of business education in his long career.

Dr Samrat Ray had a distinguished career in academia and leadership. With over 15 years of international experience in countries such as Germany, Latvia, Dubai, and Russia, he has made significant contributions to the field of economics and behavioral economics.

Dr Samrat is involved as a researcher in economics, focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation strategies across various verticals. His special interest lies in poverty eradication, inequality, social innovation, and behavioral psychology behind economic activity. He is also always looking for research collaboration, joint authorship, and publication activities across various verticals in economics and management sciences.

Dr Samrat’s academic journey includes a Ph.D. from a top 100 university in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he also served as a professor at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. His scholarly achievements include more than 100 Scopus-indexed articles, numerous national and international patents, ABDC papers, and the publication of five books, including a highly cited one on data science available on Amazon.

Improving Innovation Efficiency

Dr Ray has worked in Russia under the Russian government in various advanced fields of Neuromarketing, sensory marketing, behavioral economics, and big data innovations in the top 10 Russian research framework laboratory in Moscow. His thesis is on improving innovation efficiency in start-ups in emerging countries like Russia and India. He has completed three master’s degrees with distinction from premier European and Indian Universities in advanced management sciences.

He has been the author of six International and national patents on innovation and marketing management from the USA, Australia, India, and Canada. He has served as a keynote speaker and conducted management development programs for various Fortune 500 companies in Europe as well as Dubai. Dr Samrat has also been the author of two books on machine learning and Artificial intelligence.

He has international experience working with Dubai Education departments in starting new courses and training programs. He has also been involved with the Russian Innovation Network and Russian education forums. His research interests are psychology in marketing, poverty eradication, behavioral economics, and innovation.

Dr Samrat has also been involved with Incubations in IIM Calcutta for strategy and policy-making for new startups and provided consulting for new start-up companies. Currently, he is ranked in the top two per cent of global scientists and 47th in Russia in management sciences by the ADscienceresearch index for global ranking 2023 for scientists. He has also been the recipient of various honors and prizes globally for his contribution to management sciences.

Providing a Transformational Learning Experience

Dr Samrat Ray is currently serving as Dean and Head of International Relations at IIMS, Pune, India. IIMS Pune is a leading management institute in the country and has taken its place as a leader within a decade of its inception. Its focus on research, the quality of the faculty, the work ethic of its students, the diligence of the administrative colleagues, and the valuable support from the alumni and the industry have made this possible.

IIMS provides a transformational learning experience. Its PGDM programs are emblematic of its focus on providing a transformational experience. Through the content of the core curriculum, electives, and experiential learning possibilities, and the delivery of that content by outstanding faculty, IIMS aims to develop PGDM graduates with the ability to transition into industry leadership positions seamlessly. Through its PGDM program, IIMS aims to produce the next wave of leading faculty with outstanding research and teaching credentials.

The landscape of higher education is transforming. Guided by IIMS Vision 2030, the institute constantly looks to embrace change and innovate. Students are taking responsibility for all student activities, making IIMS Pune a true student-run campus.

In setting the bar high, IIMS benchmarks itself against the top management institutes in the country and across the world. Its global rankings and AASCB, EFMD, and AMBA BGA Memberships are a testament to this.

Striving for Greater Inclusiveness

The institute has a strong focus on Internationalization, and it partners with leading global business schools in providing students with first-class global exposure, which has 3 Ds of Diversity, Disruption, and Digitization. All this is possible because IIMS has a collegial learning environment where cross-pollination of ideas is encouraged. Alongside, it highly values diversity and constantly strives for greater inclusiveness.

IIMS placement record and performance reflect the corporate world’s confidence in IIMS, Pune’s trajectory, and their trust in its exceptional students. The institute is well aware that this has been built on a foundation of academic excellence. This is a cornerstone of the IIMS Pune experience and something that the institute guards zealously and continues to build upon.

IIMS alumni are its primary ambassadors, and the institute continues to have a special relationship with them. The alumni continue to be closely associated with the institute through mentorship programs for its current students, by developing better relationships with the industry, and by interacting with prospective students.

The institute values its alumni highly and constantly strives to build stronger bonds with them. It focuses on 2I of innovation and inclusion with sustainability and an urge to serve global humanity with grace and integrity.

Preserving the Unique Indian Values

Dr Ray’s career is characterized by a deep passion for writing, research, and education and a strong connection with his students, whom he views as the Guru-Shishya relationship in Indian culture. His leadership has consistently aligned with global educational strategies while retaining a unique Indian perspective. Dr Ray’s commitment to reading, researching, and exploring the unknown is underpinned by his desire to create a positive impact on society and the field of education.

Throughout his career, Dr Ray has faced various challenges, particularly in the era of digital transformation and the changing landscape of education. He advocates for embracing technology, including tools like ChatGPT, as a means to benefit students and enhance the quality of education. In his current role at IIMS Pune, he and his team are proactive in addressing these challenges, turning them into opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Strive To Build a Better Nation

Dr Ray’s role models include his mother, who instilled in him the ethics and principles of a forward-thinking leader. He also draws inspiration from Rabindranath Tagore’s views on education and liberalization, which he applies to contemporary educational scenarios. Dr Ray’s leadership is marked by a commitment to align with the aspirations and unique needs of the Indian population while contributing to the nation’s development.

In terms of recent initiatives, Dr Ray has been instrumental in fostering international collaborations and partnerships at IIMS Pune. The institution actively engages with foreign experts and hosts international speakers to expose students to the latest developments in fields like data science and management. It has established partnerships with universities in the USA, Europe, Switzerland, Dubai, and others, embracing internationalization in line with national education policies.

Emphasizing a Student-Centric Approach

Dr Ray and IIMS Pune have received numerous awards and recognitions for their commitment to quality education and industry connections. These awards come from prestigious sources like ET Business Awards, Fortune India, Times of India, and Business Standard. They are a testament to the institution’s dedication to providing a top-tier education.

As a leader, Dr Samrat Ray emphasizes a student-centric approach and encourages educators to place students’ needs and aspirations at the forefront. He believes that this love for students and the passion to guide them toward success should be the legacy of every teacher and leader.

Looking ahead, Dr Ray’s long-term goals include continued advancement and recognition of IIMS Pune as a top business school. He envisions a future where the institution receives “report cards” from stakeholders, reflecting the quality, integrity, and advancements made in the field of education. The focus remains on maintaining a culture of academic quality, judgment, and decision-making that positively impacts students and stakeholders alike.