Dr Ruby Bakshi Khurdi: Transformative Leadership in Academia and Beyond

Bakshi Khurdi
Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi

While the primary focus of education is often on academic achievement and skill development; educators in the current times have a responsibility to nurture the holistic development of their students, including their moral, ethical, and social growth. Dr Ruby Bakshi Khurdi is among those distinguished educators, acclaimed for her innovative approaches and expertise in emotional intelligence training. Her impact extends globally, earning her recognition as a “global changer” and numerous accolades for her contributions to education and human values.

As a Professor of Human Resource Management & Luxury Organizational Behavior at the Hotel Institute Montreux, Dr Khurdi embodies excellence in academia. Her journey to this esteemed position is marked by significant milestones, including her appointment as the Academic Dean of a prestigious all-girls boarding college in Switzerland.

Breaking Barriers, Achieving Excellence

Dr Khurdi’s dedication to breaking barriers and achieving excellence as a woman educator in higher education is reflected in her ambitious goals and ongoing commitment to personal and professional growth. Despite facing challenges, she remains steadfast in her mission to surpass expectations and make a lasting impact:

  • Uphold and expand the practice of emotional intelligence both personally and professionally, fostering positive relationships and effective communication.
  • Prioritize quality time with family, recognizing the importance of balance and well-being in all aspects of life.
  • Empower students to develop critical thinking skills, equipping them with the tools needed for success in an ever-changing world.
  • Attend personal development seminars and workshops to continuously enhance skills and stay abreast of emerging trends and practices.
  • Deliver tailored training programs for corporate entities, higher education institutions, and universities, leveraging her expertise to drive meaningful change.
  • Share insights and experiences by writing a book on emotional intelligence, contributing to the body of knowledge in the field.
  • Design and implement highly engaging team-building activities for workshops, fostering collaboration and cohesion among participants.
  • Embrace and practice active listening, recognizing its importance in building rapport, understanding perspectives, and fostering meaningful connections.

Response to Educational Challenges

In the dynamic sector of education, Dr Khurdi faces a myriad of challenges, each demanding innovative solutions to ensure effective teaching and meaningful student engagement. One such challenge lies in the rapid evolution of technology, where staying abreast of the latest tools and platforms is paramount. To overcome this hurdle, Dr Khurdi adopts a proactive stance as a lifelong learner, actively participating in various training sessions and workshops to update her technological skills. By integrating these advancements into her teaching methods, she ensures that her students receive a contemporary education that prepares them for the digital landscape of the future.

Another significant challenge Dr Khurdi encounters is the creation of engaging content for her classes, particularly in an age of dwindling attention spans. Recognizing the importance of captivating her students’ interests, she regularly refreshes her teaching materials, infusing them with multimedia elements and interactive components.

Dr Khurdi navigates the complex task of teaching a diverse cohort of students, each representing 20-30 different nationalities. In such a multicultural environment, she endeavors to ensure that every student feels valued and included, regardless of their background. Proactively fostering an atmosphere of diversity and inclusivity, Dr Khurdi pays special attention to addressing any cultural or pedagogical barriers that may impede students’ learning experiences.

Revolutionizing Learning

As a prolific author, Dr Khurdi has left an indelible mark on the field of education with her groundbreaking book, “How to Engage Learners in a Virtual Learning Environment.” This publication stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to enhancing the learning process, particularly in the digital age.

Recognizing the global demand for accessible knowledge and certification, Dr Khurdi has furthered her impact by launching the groundbreaking online learning platform, www.RubyBakshiKhurdi.com. Through this platform, individuals from around the world can access a wealth of knowledge and earn certificates from the comfort of their own homes. From London to Dubai, Paris to Prague, Dr Khurdi’s workshops have inspired and empowered educators and learners alike, leaving a lasting impact on the global education community.

Compassionate Leadership

In the education sector, Dr Khurdi’s decision-making and leadership style are shaped by a set of key principles and values that reflect her commitment to excellence and student success:

  • Practicing Empathy: Dr Khurdi prioritizes understanding and empathy, recognizing the diverse needs and experiences of her students and colleagues.
  • Being Authentic: Dr Khurdi believes in authenticity and transparency in her interactions with students, colleagues, and management.
  • Clear & Concrete Communication: Dr Khurdi emphasizes clear and concrete communication as a cornerstone of effective leadership.
  • Empowering Students: Dr Khurdi is committed to empowering her students to reach their full potential.
  • Creativity & Innovation: Dr Khurdi embraces creativity and innovation in her teaching methods and curriculum development.
  • Being Accountable: Dr Khurdi holds herself accountable for her actions and decisions, taking ownership of her responsibilities and commitments.

Through these guiding principles and values, Dr Khurdi exemplifies compassionate leadership and a commitment to excellence in the education sector. Her authentic approach, clear communication, and dedication to student empowerment and innovation make her a respected and influential leader in her field.

Impact on Tolerance Education

Dr Khurdi’s invitation to participate as a keynote speaker at the Eshraqat Festival by the Ministry of Tolerance, UAE, under the slogan “tolerance is knowledge,” was a moment of great pride and significance in her career. Sharing the virtual stage with esteemed figures like H.E. Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan and H.E. Hussain Ibrahim Al-Hammadi was a humbling experience, highlighting the importance of her message on learning human values through emotional intelligence.

The special invitation came as a surprise to Dr Khurdi, as she had no prior contacts in the ministry. However, upon inquiry, she discovered that her name had surfaced multiple times in their research on educators practicing tolerance and empathy in education.

Innovative Approach to Teaching

Dr Khurdi is a firm believer in the principle that learning should be both enjoyable and memorable for both students and educators alike. Embracing this philosophy, she incorporates gamification into her teaching on a daily basis, making learning a fun and engaging experience for her students. In fact, she is recognized as the only verified Kahoot educator in Switzerland, earning her the endearing nickname “Kahoot Professor” among her students.

Looking ahead, Dr Khurdi plans to further leverage technology-based learning methods to enhance the learning experience of her students. This includes integrating artificial intelligence as a tool to personalize and optimize the learning process. By focusing on problem-based learning, occupational diversity, and encouraging critical thinking, Dr Khurdi aims to create an environment that fosters innovation and creativity in her students. Additionally, she recognizes the importance of kinesthetic learning and will continue to explore ways to incorporate hands-on, experiential learning activities into her teaching approach. Through these efforts, Dr Khurdi remains dedicated to making learning not only effective but also enjoyable and enriching for her students.

Global Impact in Education

Dr Khurdi takes great pride in the significant awards received throughout her academic journey, each representing a milestone in her dedication to education and innovation:

  • Sharda Shatabdi Samman by Mr. Manoj Sinha, Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, recognizes Dr Khurdi’s exemplary contributions to education.
  • She Inspires Award – Outstanding Educational Role by Honourable MP Padamshri Bob Blackman at the House of Commons, UK, celebrates her impactful work in inspiring future generations.
  • Bharat Gaurav Samman by Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi ji, Minister of State for External Affairs & Culture of India, House of Lords, London, UK, honors her outstanding achievements and contributions to Indian culture and education.
  • 50 under 50 Leaders by the HR Association of India acknowledges Dr Khurdi’s leadership and influence in shaping the future of human resources.
  • Academic Excellence Award by Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow, India, reflects her dedication to academic excellence and innovation in teaching.

Advice for Women Making a Difference

Dr Khurdi offers heartfelt advice to women who aspire to make a difference in their fields: Be authentic and true to yourself. Recognize your uniqueness and embrace it; there’s no need to emulate others. Instead, cultivate your own teaching style that reflects your personality and values. Remember to remain a lifelong learner, continuously seeking out new knowledge and innovative teaching methods to inspire your students and keep your passion alive. Consistently put in the hard work, staying dedicated and persistent in your pursuit of success. And remember, when you succeed, your achievements will speak volumes.