Dr. Manoj Sharma: Empowering and Inspiring Youth with Vision and Credibility

Dr. Manoj Sharma
Dr. Manoj Sharma

The youth feeds on inspiration from industry leaders to transform dreams, aspirations, and visions into success stories. They derive courage and determination from these ‘Pillars of Society.’ In this world of inspiring leaders and empowering youth, Dr. Manoj Sharma, CEO of Bort Technology Opc Pvt Ltd., is a shining appellation. He is a pioneer who believes in empowerment, vision, communication, and empathy. His career has been defined by his dedication to youth development, shown in programs dealing with issues like education and unemployment.

His venture, Bort Technology Opc Pvt Ltd., prioritizes the clients and their current business demands. With a productive and collaborative approach, the organization successfully handles all sizes of projects. Flexible and inclusive business and technological services are provided to clients with a promise of affordability and offer a selection of packages that are customized to satisfy each client’s unique business needs.

Dr. Sharma believes that an efficient leader possesses self-awareness, credibility, and a resolution to build and nurture relationships. They portray a proactive bias for action, coupled with a humble demeanor. Staying true to their authentic personalities, these individuals empower the crowd around them.

These Captains of Industry serve as role models, spreading the qualities they value through their constant and consistent presence. The focal point of leadership approach is being totally present during every exchange. According to Dr. Sharma, effective leaders create an example for those who are often led by exhibiting a combination of relational integrity, humility, personal insight, proactive participation, and a dedication to authenticity.

In his words, “Good leaders possess self-awareness, garner credibility, focus on relationship-building, have a bias for action, exhibit humility, empower others, stay authentic, present themselves as constant and consistent, become role models, and are fully present.”

Values and Principles as the North Star

Dr. Sharma values his principles and sticks to them strictly as these dogmas guide him through life like the north star guides travellers in a foreign land. He believes in consistent development and empowerment. Dynamic vision and effective communication are also eminent and essential tools for him. Reinforcement of positive behavior, skills, and influential ideas that cater to a productive and cohesive work environment is always appreciated. Along with these, empathy, humility, passion, and commitment are key principles. Above all, respect is a fundamental principle in his notebook for success.

Dr. Sharma stresses how important it is for young people to develop their ability to read, write, and solve problems. He pushes for a thorough and autonomous examination of their beliefs, obligations, and ideals and an ongoing investigation of underlying presumptions. He believed that young people should develop their critical thinking abilities and actively participate in their intellectual development.

He emphasizes the need to create a mindset that promotes introspection and inquiry, raising a generation that can deliberately engage with their beliefs and ideals. His advice is consistent with the value of developing well-rounded people with strong analytical skills and a willingness to challenge presumptions.

Maintaining a Contend Life

According to Dr. Sharma, maintaining a positive attitude significantly influences, in the long run, advocating a lead-by-example approach. His philosophy centers on living a life brimming with happiness and joy, nurturing creativity, knowledge, and compassion. Encouraging the youth, he emphasizes the importance of seeking companionship among those who share similar values and aspirations.

Dr. Sharma’s guidance underscores the transformative power of positivity, steering individuals toward a path of personal fulfilment and growth. His counsel resonates with the idea of setting an inspiring precedent, urging others to prioritize positivity, joyful living, and nurturing environments that fuel personal and collective development.

As he says, “Live a joyous life and be happy, be creative, be knowledgeable, be compassionate, surround yourself with like-minded people.”

Battle of the Youth in 2023

In Dr. Sharma’s perspective, the age bracket of 15-24 defines contemporary youth, and he clearly understands their challenges in the year 2023. He articulates, “Being a teenager in 2023 isn’t as simple as it might seem,” shedding light on the complexities faced by this demographic during a two-year pandemic. Juggling numerous responsibilities, such as engaging in activities, maintaining healthy relationships, and resisting various temptations, epitomizes youth’s multifaceted challenges in today’s fast-paced world.

The harsh reality of limited employment opportunities exacerbates the struggles of the youth in 2023. Compounded by a dearth of quality education, familial issues, and the omnipresence of political and social problems, the spectrum of difficulties widens.

Concurrently, the prevalence of a drug culture heightened alcohol abuse, and escalating crime rates further compound the vulnerabilities of the youth. These young individuals find themselves compelled to grow up prematurely, forced into a constant battle against various challenges merely to navigate their survival.

Dr. Sharma’s insights underscore a profound awareness of the intricate web of adversities woven around the youth, emphasizing the urgent need for collective efforts to address these issues. The stark realities of limited opportunities, educational shortcomings, familial strife, and societal challenges require a comprehensive approach to foster an environment where the youth can overcome hurdles and flourish despite the formidable odds stacked against them.

Creating a Legacy

According to Dr. Sharma, embracing the qualities of goodness, kindness, and patience in interactions with others is the foundation for creating a lasting legacy. His counsel encourages individuals to embrace life fully, pursue their dreams, and authentically manifest the person they aspire to become.

Dr. Sharma’s philosophy underscores the transformative power of personal character, advocating for a life lived with compassion, benevolence, and resilience. By urging others to be their authentic selves and pursue their aspirations, he emphasizes the potential for a positive impact on both one and the wider community. In essence, Dr. Sharma’s guidance is a call to shape one’s legacy through strategic personal growth, genuine connections, and pursuing meaningful goals.

In his words, “Being a good person, being kind, patient with others, all of these create a lived legacy.”

True Inspirations

Dr. Sharma, as a dynamic and visionary leader, draws his wellspring of positivity, determination, and grace from the inspirational lives of great figures such as Shri Swami Vivekananda, Honorable Yogi Adityanath ji, Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji, Honorable Ratan Tata ji, and Honorable Mukesh Ambani ji. In shaping his leadership, he finds resonance with these influential personalities’ profound philosophies and impactful contributions.

By channeling the wisdom and resilience embodied by these figures, Dr. Sharma seeks to infuse his leadership with a sense of purpose, a forward-thinking vision, and a commitment to positive change. Imbibing their ideals into his own journey, he aspires to lead with inspiration, guided by the values that have fueled the success stories of these revered individuals.

Crafting Goals in a Practical Approach

Dr. Sharma greatly values the wisdom of cooperation and participation in building a strong and better community. These joint ventures advance the same goal and provide a stable base that includes both financial and non-financial elements. When young people work together to achieve shared goals, teamwork develops into a source of resiliency and creativity.

Driven by the idea of flexibility, Dr. Sharma highlights the need to accept change. He promotes a proactive approach to change and urges people to be willing to take chances, accept failure, and take care of themselves during complex changes. Understanding the importance of help, the leader places a strong emphasis on asking for help while navigating challenging changes.

Dr. Sharma emphasizes how important it is to create attainable goals in order to give desires a concrete form. While acknowledging the motivational power of little victories, emphasize how reaching lesser goals encourages an optimistic and constructive outlook. Setting deliberate goals turns into a pillar, and careful planning creates the foundation for a fruitful adventure.

He provides insightful advice and four priceless goal-setting pointers. He highlights how important it is to visualize goals, make sure they are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound), make a proactive list to anticipate obstacles, and share long-term goals with others to encourage responsibility. By incorporating these ideas into their story, the leader fosters a community that is based on cooperation, flexibility, and meaningful advancement, in addition to sharing knowledge on successful goal setting.

The Magic of Empathy

Dr. Sharma says, “Great leaders understand that empathy is not a sign of weakness but a powerful tool for building trust, fostering collaboration, and driving organizational success.”

Though ideally, leaders are supposed to be tough and unyielding, Dr. Sharma believes that empathy binds everyone and allows them to connect on a deeper level, inspiring the teams and creating a positive and more productive environment. According to him, leaders are soft for showing their empathy and highlighting the key takeaways for leaders seeking to harness their potential.


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