Dr M.G.R Educational and Research Institute (Deemed to be University) Faculty of Hotel Management & Culinary Arts: Resource Centre for Inimitable Higher-Level Learning

Dr M.G.R Educational and Research Institute
Dr M.G.R Educational and Research Institute

The Indian tourism and hospitality industry has emerged as one of the critical drivers of growth in India’s services sector.  With the phenomenally increasing prospects for travel and tourism in India, the industry is constantly growing at a higher trajectory year after year.

The industry expects to employ skilled incumbents as staff members of different departments in 5-star hotels. Imparting skills with education is possible only if the institutions have the right kind of environment, infrastructure, facilities, and motivated staff who can educate the students to meet the needs of the industry. Dr M.G.R Educational and Research Institute, Maduravoyal,  Chennai, as a Deemed to be University is making successful strides in completing 30-plus years of offering Higher education in multi-faculty areas of education.  Dr M.G.R Hotel Management and Culinary Arts has firmly focused on preparing the students to have strong skills with the knowledge supporting the needs catering to today’s education world.

Dr M.G.R Hotel Management and Culinary Arts (Dr M.G.R Educational and Research Institute, Deemed to be University) has enabled the students to acquire vital skills with the knowledge supporting the needs of the industry.

Its faculty members are periodically encouraged to participate in the comprehensive programs to keep up with the latest developments in the industry.  Industry experts are invited to conduct workshops, lecture sessions, and product presentations so that faculty members can catch up with industry developments.

To ensure the real difference in the job functions, faculty members are periodically exposed to soft skills, communication skills, and other personality development courses.

Proud Presence of Renowned Chefs

Dr M.G.R Hotel Management and Culinary Arts of Dr  M.G.R Educational & Research Institute (Deemed University) has the proud presence of internationally renowned Chefs in the capacity of Senior Professors that include Chef Manjit Singh Gill, Executive Head – Culinary Programs; Chef Sudhir Sibal, Executive Head – Hospitality; Chef  V.Vijaya Baskaran,  Executive Head –Culinary & Bakery Research and Chef  Ramesh  Javvaji, Executive Head-Culinary Competitions. The FOUR high-end Chef members enable students to attain a high level of professional practice, both in theory and practical learning.

Dr M.G.R Hotel Management and Culinary Arts is one of the most happening places in Dr M.G.R Educational and Research Institute, Deemed to be University, and aspires to become the preferred destination for students desirous of their Graduation in Hotel Management and Catering Technology and Culinary Arts.

Enhancing Active Participation

The University, as an institutional group, owns Star Hotels in Chennai, Vellore, and Kodaikanal, where the students are trained for on-the-job skills. The institution is a member of the Indian Federation of Culinary Associations, a Nodal body representing the chefs in India at the national level, and hence, the students get the opportunity to participate actively in international conferences, food festivals, etc.   Immense learning opportunities become available for students to participate in regional, national, and international events.

Dr. M.G.R Hotel Management & Culinary Arts has the pride of having the Certification as a “WORLDCHEFS Recognized School,” a matter of great value since the recognition calls for stringent measures under the 10 Criteria of Quality features defined by the World Body of Chefs.

Nurturing Job Creators

The curriculum and syllabus at Dr M.G.R Hotel Management and Culinary Arts are designed to ensure that theoretical knowledge can be applied practically, hence developing highly knowledgeable and fully skilled students.   Pedagogical techniques and  ICT tools, such as students’ seminars, group discussions, PPTs, etc., are used to deliver required knowledge and skill levels that give students the confidence to learn, analyze, apply, and be creative.

A considerable emphasis is given to communication and soft skills, making the students competent and confident. The courses at the institute, such as B.Sc. and  M.Sc. Hotel Management and Catering Technology, B. A Culinary Arts Certification, Diploma, Post-grad in Pastry Arts, and others cater to the needs of various departments. National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), an autonomous body under the UGC, accredited the Courses of the University with an “A+” Grade (3.48 out of 4) rating.

To summarize, the courses have everything that makes every student employable, says Prof. & Chef M. Prabu, Joint Registrar H&S, Dr M.G.R Educational & Research Institute (Deemed University).

At Dr M.G.R Educational and Research Institute, students are exposed to yearly and periodically held co-curricular and extra-curricular activities – such as sports and cultural programs, conferences, competitions, and other events apart from their regular studies. The department and institution have a solid industry connection, facilitating students to undergo an internship of 154 days in the second year.

They are trained as interns in five-star and other high-end hotels to get thorough practical knowledge and experience. The experience gained assists the students in acquiring solid practical skills and makes them competent and confident for placements, which sometimes leads to an extension of pre-placement offers well before graduation.

Ensuring Professional Growth

Students of the institution are well recognized, and all the students of the department get their internship invitations from highly reputed Star hotels and do well to grow there professionally. The institution also provides scholarships to deserving students, including individuals who come from poor socio-economic backgrounds and encourages scholarships to outstanding performers.

The students have achieved numerous national/international milestones. Students of the Department of Culinary Arts of the Institution won the following awards in the South Indian Chefs Association (SICA) Culinary competition conducted in the month of September 2023, where International Chefs representing WorldChefs participated.

  • Gold Medal: 4
  • Silver Medal: 4

The curriculum and syllabus at Dr M.G.R Hotel Management & Culinary Arts, as a part of the Deemed to be University, are designed to ensure that the theoretical knowledge is applied practically to help the students gain on-the-job skills.

Fostering a Real-world Hospitality Environment

What sets this institute apart are its distinctive features, each carefully crafted to provide a holistic and enriching learning experience. At the heart of the institute’s offerings are its own Star hotels, seamlessly integrated into the educational framework. These hotels serve as living laboratories, allowing students to immerse themselves in a real-world hospitality environment, honing their skills in a setting that mirrors the industry’s demands.

Creating a Dynamic Learning Atmosphere

The commitment to practical education extends to the Excellent Lab Facilities, where students have access to state-of-the-art resources. Here, theory transforms into hands-on experience, fostering a dynamic learning atmosphere that prepares individuals for the challenges of the professional world.

Understanding the importance of a global perspective, the institute proudly supports abroad internships on student request. This initiative not only broadens horizons but also underscores a dedication to providing diverse opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The institute has a strong industry connection.  It’s committed to staying attuned to the pulse of the ever-evolving hospitality sector. Collaborations, such as the Memorandum of Understanding with Marriott Group Hotels and Resorts, particularly “The Westin,” open doors to exclusive experiences and insights, enriching the academic journey.

A well-facilitated campus, meticulously designed infrastructure, and cutting-edge labs create an environment conducive to peaceful learning.  The focus on contemporary and futuristic knowledge, embedded in the curriculum and syllabus, ensures that students are equipped with skills that are not just relevant today but also future-proof.

Within the confines of the institution, effective classroom learning becomes a dynamic exchange facilitated by educators passionate about nurturing the next generation of culinary and hospitality professionals.  Renowned Chefs of National and International repute enhance the learning experience through Guest Lectures, sharing invaluable insights from their rich and diverse experiences.

Embracing technology, the institute pioneers e-learning and webinars, providing a flexible and accessible avenue for knowledge dissemination. Recognizing the value of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), the institution grants Credits, acknowledging the importance of a well-rounded education that extends beyond traditional boundaries.

The institute’s commitment to practicality takes a unique form through intense industry experience within the Star hotels of its own group. This immersive approach allows students to apply theoretical knowledge in a real-world context, preparing them for the rigors of the industry.

Industry relevance is further emphasized through visits to top-notch production units, offering a firsthand understanding of the intricacies of Culinary and Pastry arts. Internships tailored to industry needs ensure that students graduate with not just academic qualifications but with hands-on expertise that employers value.

In every aspect of its operations, the institute maintains a prime focus on sustainable features. This reflects a conscious effort to instil environmental responsibility in its students, creating a generation of hospitality professionals attuned to the importance of sustainable practices.

Standing Out in the Chef’s Fraternity

Dr M.G.R Educational and Research Institute gained its Deemed-to-be University status in 2003 and has grown exponentially since then. Dr M.G.R Hotel Management & Culinary Arts, being a part of the Deemed University, has a clear road map that makes the institution not only popular in the industry but also provides the best knowledge and skills to students studying in the department. A continual improvement effort and necessary steps are taken to achieve positive transformations.

In the future, courses in Advanced Culinary, Gastronomy, and novel programs in Bakery and Pastry will become part of the courses. The mission of the University is to make the institution a Resource Centre for inimitable Higher-Level Teaching and Learning processes in Engineering,  Dental Surgery, Medicine, Allied Health Sciences, Humanities and Sciences, Architecture, and Management and Education apart from the Hotel Management & Culinary Arts. The University aims to impart technological competence and inculcate dignity, discipline, and humaneness in all its students.

The objective of the Department of Culinary Arts is to develop not just Chefs – but Chefs who standout in Chefs fraternity with their knowledge, skills, and masterly disposition with a style of their own. Only the best of professionals are often seen and talked about in their respective fields because such professionals carve their own professional personalities, which make a lot of difference in the minds of those looking at them. Chefs are, by nature, very creative, and those born with the creative acumen add much more to the innovation that they bring into everything that they do.