Dr. Jayshree Om: Harmonizing Ancient Wisdom with Modern Architecture

Dr. Jayshree Om
Dr. Jayshree Om

While modern architecture is continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity, the principles of Vastu Shastra offer a foundation for creating spaces that are not only visually striking but also conducive to the holistic well-being of individuals and communities. By integrating ancient wisdom with contemporary design, architects with a profound knowledge of Vastu shastra, strive to build environments that inspire, nurture, and resonate with the human spirit.

With expertise in the application of Vedic Principles of Ancient Architecture in Modern Structures, Dr. Jayshree Om, a Vedic Vastu Expert and a Geopathologist is a name that serves as an inspiration to all the aspiring professionals in this field. She is a certified Geobiologist and a Radiation Analyst.

Dr. Jayshree Om, a multifaceted personality was born on 12th January 1979. After doing her schooling at Baldwin Girls School, Bangalore, and acquiring B.Com from Bangalore University, she went on to do an MBA (marketing) from Symbiosis, Pune. But she found her true calling when she started studying Earth sciences, Vedic Vāstu, Reiki, healing, and flow of energy, especially earth sciences and radiation.

Staying the Forefront

Dr. Jayshree is always keen and inquisitive, she went to get her Ph.D. in Vedic Vāstu and Earth sciences from Zoroastrian College, Mumbai, where her topic of research was ‘Earth Sciences and Radiation,’ hence earning the right to add Dr. to her name.

She established contact with Dr. Dieter Schaffer from Aachen Germany. Dr. Schaffer is a renowned earth scientist and radiation therapist with a reach in almost 75 countries around the world.

Dr. Jayshree was also invited to attend Professor Schaffer’s diploma course, offered through his organization ‘International Geo Safe Institute.’ After intensive training and submitting her research, she was granted a diploma in ‘Geopathology, earth sciences, and electromagnetic radiation.’ She also acquired the right to attend and cleanse high radiation spaces. Since then, she has been at the forefront of EMR/EMF/Earth radiation, and neutralization in India, and Nepal.

Ever-growing List of Achievements

She is the first person in the world to link ancient Vedic Sciences with Geopathology. With her path-breaking research on this topic; she was able to demonstrate the link between radiation and disease, and the harmful effects of radiation.

Currently, Dr. Jayshree and her team are involved in radiation neutralization, Vedic Vāstu, energy fields, and allied businesses.

In the ever-growing list of achievements, in March 2018, Dr. Jayshree was selected to represent India at the United Nations (UN), Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62). She was in the USA for 3 weeks and presented papers on the importance of Vāstu and Vedic knowledge and how it can empower women. Her work and views at the UN are held in high esteem and are being applauded and studied around the world.

She has undertaken a certification diploma course of the Government of India, from Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtek, Nagpur which enabled her to dispense her immense knowledge of Vāstu to different Universities and Colleges around the world. This makes her a Government of India-certified Vastu consultant.

The title of Yoga Shiromani has been added to her feathers after her stringent training of the hatha yoga teacher training course in Netala, Uttarkashi, under the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Headquarters, Canada. She was trained under top teachers in Hatha Yoga, Bhagavad Gita, Vedanta, and Satsang.

She is a qualified up to Arahatic level practitioner in Pranic Healing and is a Grandmaster in Reiki. Dr. Jayshree is also a voracious reader of various ancient texts and a keen, long-time practitioner of hatha yoga. She has been an avid meditator since her childhood and has attended various courses on Spiritualism, meditation, and Vedic philosophy.

Walking the Ideal Path

Dr. Jayshree is an artist by birth, it was her first field of interest, but coming from a business family she was asked to take up commerce. Even today, she paints and makes energized wall hangings for her family, friends, and admirers.

A mother of a 19-year-old son, studying at University of Sydney, Australia, she says that Motherhood is her favorite role. She reiterates that “Children emulate us subconsciously. So, behave the way you want your kids to be.”

She was bestowed with the title of ‘Om,’ after her initiation from Om Swamiji, her Himalayan Guru. Once a person is initiated, they rise above the doctrines of religion and society, thus belonging to the Lineage of the Guru.

She loves to state that she shares her birth date with Swami Vivekananda. He popularized Yoga, keeping Shastras as the base. She would walk the same path and do something similar for Vāstu Shastras and in the process spread the ancient wisdom of sages through her practices, books, blogs, and seminars.

Dr. Jayshree Om is working diligently on bringing the wisdom of ancient scriptures like Mansaar, Mayamat, Samrangan Sutradhar, Manushlaya Chandrika, and Raj Vallabh texts into English and on popularizing the study of Vāstu around the world. The translation of Viswakarma Prakash in English was her dream project, which was achieved through stringent and rigorous work, for over five years, with practice and theory.

Her mission is to enable the implementation of Ancient Vastu Principles in Modern structures.

Furthermore, she wants to remove the stigma attached to ancient sciences and bring forward practical ways to deploy ancient methods.

She is a full-time consultant, working towards enhancing the lives of people who consult her for Vāstu, Geopathology, Radiation, and Astrology.

Her efforts are widely acknowledged. Some of the most notable awards Dr. Jayshree Om received are:

  • Times of India: Rising leader of future India
  • Atal Samman Samaroh: Most Inspiring Vedic Vastu Consultant and Geopathologist
  • Women Icons of Asia: Acharya of the Year
  • TEDx Speaker

Keeping the Ancient Heritage Intact

She is committed and dedicated to launching a series of Vastu books and unveiling the ancient knowledge of Vastu to the modern reader. Part 1 and part 2 of the series “The Ancient Science of Vastu” are already published and regularly feature as no.1 on Amazon’s best-selling list.

The books have gained widespread appreciation and accolades from critics and readers from all over the world. These books include:

  • Book 1: The Ancient Science of Vastu-I, Vishwakarma Prakash Retold.
  • Book 2: The Ancient Science of Vastu- II, Manushyalaya Chandrika Retold.
  • Book 3: The Ancient Science of Vastu- III, The Rajvallabh Retold.
  • Book 4: Vastu Remedies, Manifest Your Dreams

Companions in the Voyage to Excellence

In the initial days of her study on Vāstu, Śrī Manoj Singhal was the only architect who encouraged Dr. Jayshree, paid heed to all her ideas, and took a deep interest in scriptural verses to incorporate them into innumerable sites. Gradually, her family and friends came forward to help Dr. Jayshree Om in the research. She tried the suggestions and remedies mentioned in the verses on them, and they all experienced a positive change in their lives. It was a long struggle. To make it easy for herself, Dr. Jayshree used to read the scriptures, clarify doubts with her Vāstu teacher, mark the applicable ones, and pass them on to Manoj Singhal. Manoj supported her wholeheartedly. This is how she gradually learned and progressed in Vāstu.

Further, after reading, absorbing, and understanding works on this subject, she translated and launched a series of books on three of the most revered scriptures of Vāstu in English. All three books are bestsellers.

Along the journey, Dr. Jayshree faced roadblocks while trying to decode some of the verses. Those were the times when Siddharth, her husband, a polyglot, helped her with his profound knowledge of various languages. His command over Sanskrit, Hindi, and English languages is deep and intellectual.

For the benefit of the world, Lord Viśvakarmā, the divine architect of Gods, and many other sages narrated the Vāstu scriptures. Likewise, her book is just a paltry attempt to bring back the priceless, unparalleled heritage and magnanimous architecture. She believes that any society or any belief system by far can withstand the test of time only if its foundation is strong. Even after hundreds of invasions, the scriptures hold the same grace because of their deep roots in truth, compassion, love, freedom, acceptance, liberty, equality, gratitude, forgiveness, and a universal approach.